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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/4/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Saturday night Newsletter.

We start with the HUGE Freedom Summit in Kissimmee, FL.

Almost everyone was there…

Trump, DeSantis, Chrispie Kreme, Matt Gaetz, and on and on.

DeSantis had another inexplicable, unforced blunder attacking President Trump for…..reading off a teleprompter?

Really Ron?

That’s all you could find to attack him on?

The man who is almost universally known as going “off script” in every speech, that’s the guy who you’re going to claim reads off a Teleprompter?

This guy has ZERO killer instinct — or instinct of any kind.

But then the best part is no sooner did he finish with his little attack but then he loses his train of thought and has to look down to consult his notes!

Oh the irony!

But….he did look very tall, so he’s got that going for him….

Watch for yourself here:

Then we have Chrispie Kreme who used his speech to literally get into a fight with the crowd.

That’s like Speaking101 Chrispie, how do you not know this?

The guy with the microphone always wins, unless he gets hooked.

The audience won this one, such a bad look!

Speaking of bad looks, Chrispie looked slovenly and fat as ever:

WATCH: Chris Christie Throws Fit After Crowd Boos Him

More here:

I have a TON of clips from President Trump up on my Twitter….

Here’s one:

Check out my profile and follow me here for more:

And you can watch the FULL SPEECH right here on Rumble if you missed it:

It’s really good, I recommend finding time to watch!

Speaking of President Trump, here is how a real leader acts, in direct comparison to these other clowns:

WATCH: President Trump Salutes Jan. 6 “Hostages” During Rally

Switching gears, next is something BIG they tried to bury on a late Friday afternoon….

Another bank has failed in the US:

ANOTHER Bank Just Failed, 6th One This Year (And Counting)

That’s not a big deal, is it?


I’ve been warning you as much as I possibly can, haven’t it?

Get your money out of the banks!!

And this is rich…..

The Fitch Ratings Agency rated them a BBB+ less than one month ago:

Fact-Check: FAILED Citizens Bank Was Rated BBB+ Right Before Going Under?

This all happened on the same day that thousands of paychecks went missing and never arrived:

BREAKING: Reports Of Missing Deposits As “Direct Deposit System” Crashes (All Major Banks Affected)

Are you catching a theme yet?

Your money is NOT safe in banks!

If you won’t listen to me, listen to this Colonel:

Col. MacGregor: “I Think The Banks Are Going Down For 2-3 Weeks”

And if you’re saying ok Noah, fine but what do we do about it?

Read this:

As Central Banks Set A “New Record” In Gold-Buying, A Faith-Based Company Shows Americans How To Back Retirement Accounts With Precious Metals

Switching gears again, I absolutely love this one:

WATCH Former ICE Director Tom Homan: “I’m Going To Run The Biggest Deportation Operation The World Has Ever Seen!”

And we end with our top story…

Bet you haven’t seen this:

Yet ANOTHER High-Profile Celebrity Hospitalized, Notice A Pattern?

That’s a wrap for tonight!

So much for a sleepy Saturday huh?

See you tomorrow.

Your friend,



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