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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/3/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

Happy Friday everyone!

Another big day and some GREAT news popping today for President Trump!

Starting right here with this one:

Appeals Court Freezes Gag Order Against Trump

And it looks like we are FINALLY going on the offensive against the Biden Crime Family:

BREAKING: James Comer Says Biden Subpoenas Coming ‘In A Matter Of Days’

Then we have this, and I am NOT buying what she is selling….

It took her all these months and this is her explanation?

Sorry, I call BS:

“Crazy Plane Lady” Reveals EXACTLY What She Saw On That Plane…

This happened today and millions of paychecks never showed up:

BREAKING: Reports Of Missing Deposits As “Direct Deposit System” Crashes (All Major Banks Affected)

I’m telling you folks, there is a time coming in the near future when the banks simply won’t open!

You will be cut off from you money.

That’s not just my opinion either, take it from a decorated General:

Col. MacGregor: “I Think The Banks Are Going Down For 2-3 Weeks”

Next up is more good news from our new Speaker:

House Speaker Mike Johnson Will Release J6 Tapes, There’s A Catch Though

Then we have #Ivermectin Trending today on Twitter.

Here’s why:

Ivermectin Is TRENDING Right Now….Here’s Why!

And in a stunning news alert, the Government is finally acting in YOUR best interest, to keep you safe!

Errrrr, except it’s about 60 years too late:

FDA Proposes Food Additive Ban: “No Longer Considered Safe”

Nice try, thanks for playing FDA!

Banned in most other countries for decades!

Next up is a question that came in from a reader today.

I thought it was so good I put the answer into an article so I could share it with all of you.

Read here:

Why Is God So Focused On Israel? Let Me Explain…

Closely related:

Jonathan Cahn: The Genesis 6:4 Connection and Why It Matters RIGHT NOW!

Also related:

The Coming Great Deception — Will You Be Fooled?

LOVE this next one from Kash:

“Is your testimony one of the key reasons Jack Smith can’t and won’t indict President Trump for insurrection?”

And we end with even more great news for President Trump….

This is a big one!

President Trump Scores Major Victory As Judge Cannon Delivers Another Blow To Jack Smith

Told ya it was a great day!

Oh, and one more before I go….

So glad to hear everyone who is loving this (and loving saving money!):

Better Than Cable Or Dish, For Only $15.95/month? YES REALLY!

Please let me know if you get it and how it goes for you!

I think you’ll love it.

See you tomorrow.

Your friend,



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