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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/21/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and I’m excited for you to see this tonight…

And to get your opinion.

Let’s start with our top story:

BREAKING: Mike Lindell Is Funding Kari Lake’s Election Lawsuit!

God Bless you Mike, thank you for always being exactly where we need you!

True patriot!

And sticking with Mike, a very interesting one next:

Mike Lindell to Audit DeSantis’ Election Victory: “I Don’t Believe It”

Don’t dismiss this…

I think Mike may be on to something here.

Remember President Trump has also sounded the alarm about DeSantis.

Is there more to come out here soon?

Got my eyes on it!

Back to Kari Lake, tremendous news coming out today from the trial:

Kari Lake Trial SHOCK: 42.5% of Ballots Were Illegally Printed; Couldn’t Go Through Tabulators

Yeah, that would swing the election I guess, don’t you think?

42% fraud?

Oh my!

Let it all come out!

Here’s more truth that’s coming out, and soon it will be an avalanche:

House GOP Uncover Emails, Texts Tying Pelosi to Failed January 6th Security

How horrible and wrong is this?

Teacher to Spend Christmas in JAIL for Using Student’s “Wrong” Pronouns

What happened to our world??

Speaking of wild things, I can’t even believe this but I verified it and it’s true:

YES, REALLY: Zelensky Gives Joe Biden An Award From “Butthole”

They are stealing BILLIONS of our dollars and then mocking us to our face!

The crime of the century!

Next up is something that didn’t surprise me at all….

Kim Clement told us this was coming:

A New Form Of Energy Is Here!

And here it is!

Then we have Elon Musk continuing to try and save our country….

71%, wow!

Elon Musk Puts Schumer and McConnell On Blast!

And we end with something truly perfect.

40 years ahead of their time….and so hilarious!


Monty Python…40 Years Ahead Of Its Time!

Did they nail it or what?


Your friend,



Your friend,



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