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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/24/21



Hi friends!

Noah here on this beautiful Christmas Eve!

And I have to start out by saying ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who emailed me today asking if I was ok and why there was no Newsletter last night.

When you send your Newsletter to 300,000 people each night, you tend to get a lot of emails when something goes wrong.

And you all know I typically always send the Newsletter every night with rare exception.

So thanks for checking on me.

All is good, I just ran out of time with Christmas events!

But I’m back today and sending this early on Christmas Eve.

A lot to cover over the past two days.

Let’s start with this gem, caught again:

Biden Caught AGAIN Using a Fake White House Set!

How fake can one man be?

Amazingly, it wasn’t the first time he’s been caught.

Heck, not even the first time this week!

Why Are Shipping Containers Behind Biden?

This next one is good news:

CDC Interim Guidelines Allow COVID-19 Positive Healthcare Personnel to Work With Mild Symptoms Regardless of Vaccination Status

And horrible to see this:

32-Year-Old Olympic Diving Star Passes Away Months After Receiving COVID-19 Jab

You know, for a while I have been asking “why don’t people see it?”  When will they wake up and see all these athletes dying in their prime?

But then today it hit me.

Maybe they never will.

For years now, they have been spraying chemtrails in the skies above us.

Literally spraying chemicals in the blue skies right above you all day long and almost no one notices.

And if they notice, almost no one questions.

And if you question, almost no one does anything about it.

This is literally a photo I took THIS MORNING:

So yes, I guess if they can do this in the skies above us in plain view for all to see, the ideas that people would pick up on something more subtle like an increased number of athletes dying in their prime is probably low.

Moving on, I published this yesterday because I still get some many questions about it:

EXPLAINED: Here’s Why My Shirt Is On Amazon….

And I have this one that you will want to bookmark….

Saved from the YouTube purge!

They tried to completely wipe this off the internet, but I saved it:

Saved From The YouTube Purge: “Fall of the Cabal” [Parts 1-10]

And here’s another one they tried to delete but I saved:

True Journalism: Ben Swann Exposes The TRUTH About Pizzagate…Did You Know?

That’s what real journalism looks like.

You might not recognize it because it’s been so long since you’ve seen it….

And on this Christmas Eve, I have a great message and sale from Mike Lindell:

Mike Lindell Playing Santa Claus? Merry Christmas!

Big update on the vaxx mandates:

SCOTUS To Hold Special Session On Vaccine Mandate

And speaking of COVID and variants….did you ever stop to think how they are testing for these so-called “variants”?

Would it surprise you to learn there is no test?

Literally not possible!

So what are the variants?

Just a new way each month to extent the fear and then to extend the control over the population.

The final variant is called Communism and genocide:

MASSIVE SCAM? Lab Admits There Is No Test For COVID Variants!

And we end with this gem….

This is literally Joe Biden saying: “I agree, Let’s Go Brandon!”

You can’t make this stuff up:

Joe Biden: “I Agree, Let’s Go Brandon!”

That’s all for tonight.

Have a great rest of your evening!

Your friend,



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