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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/25/21



Hi friends!

Noah here and Merry Christmas officially!

Every year I feel like Christmas Eve is the most magical time.

Christmas Day is great, but when I think about truly celebrating Christmas, my memories are usually about Christmas Eve.

How about you?

In any event, today is officially 12/25 and I hope you’re having a WONDERFUL Christmas this year!

Please take a moment to start with this:

Merry Christmas!

And then enjoy this one:

AWESOME: The 12 Days of Trump!

And then unfortunately I have an urgent update you need to read about the Freedom Phone.

Please see it here:

Freedom Phone – Urgent Update

Then we have TWO more “footballers” (soccer players in the USA) who died suddenly in their matches.

This is unprecedented and we are one of the few news outlets covering it!

First, a healthy 29-year old:

29-Year-Old Omani Footballer Mukhaled Al-Raqadi Dies After Suddenly Collapsing During Pre-Match Warmups

And then a prime-of-his-life physical condition 30 year old, dropped dead during the game:

30-Year-Old Algerian Footballer Sofiane Lokar Dies of Heart Attack During Match

So sad.

So preventable.

I hate this COVID “planned-demic” and I hate these poison jabs!

Evil to the core.

Speaking of evil to the core, how about these two:

BREAKING: Kamala Harris Meets With Hillary Clinton

And it looks like Bo Polny was spot on again:

“Cycle Inversion” – Bo Polny’s Latest Alert Is Spot On!

Last night I brought you the phone call to Joe Biden where Joe says “I agree, Let’s Go Brandon!”


Now here is the other side of that call:

HILARIOUS: Watch The Other Side of Biden’s “Let’s Go Brandon” Phone Call

And this next one will get your blood boiling….

I don’t think so Boris:

WATCH: Boris Johnson Says Getting Jabbed is Following the Teaching of Jesus Christ

Man, what a disappointment he turned out to be!

You think he was threatened or blackmailed?

Total 180 from how he used to think and act.

So disappointing.

I know we have a lot of pastors that read this Newsletter, what do you all say about Boris’ claim here?

Would Jesus want us to alter our DNA with a poison-jab shot?

I guess I missed that part of the Book of Matthew….

And we end with our top story.

By far the #1 question and complaint I get these days is “why is President Trump pushing the vaxx?”

I have some really good info for you right here.

Please take a look:

EXPLAINED: Why Is President Trump Pushing The Vaxx?

Your thoughts?

I have to run, see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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