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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/30/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Saturday night Newsletter.

Happy New Years Eve — Eve!

Everyone got big plans for tomorrow?

Mine is to send the Newsletter by 9pm and then asleep no later than 11pm!

How about all of you?

Ok, enough goofing around, let’s jump right in….starting with something I’ve been warning you about for a while now and I think (sadly) you’re going to see it happen in very early 2024:

BANKING CRISIS: New Data Indicates Worst Yet To Come?

Here's something else I've been telling you about...


And specifically one of my Top 5 holdings, ICP.

Well, in the past two weeks it's gone from $3.00 to almost $13.00 as I type this.

I was tweeting out to anyone who was watching that I was loading up under $5.

Hope you got some.

Of course I can't give financial advice, but my personal opinion and target is I think this bad-boy sees $110 in 2024.

Going to be a fun year!

We're going to see many crashes but we're also going to see other things go to the moon.

Just make sure you've got the right stuff.

Ok, very interesting update on this next:

UPDATE: Disturbing New Details Emerge On Chinese Spy Balloon

And I'm curious, does anyone watch Fox News anymore?

Me either:

Fox News Receives Wake-Up Call, Tucker Carlson Vindicated?

Got an important update from our President next:

President Trump Issues Dire Warning…

And this stuff has got to stop:

Famed Pro-Trump Attorney SWATTED

Last week I called for severe penalties for anyone calling in a false police report ("Swatting")...

Here's what I wrote:

Well, it looks like Sen. Rick Scott must follow me because today he called for this:

Sen. Rick Scott Vows Legislation to Ensure Swatting “Cowards” Face “Real Consequences”

Yes, Senator, make it happen and do it immediately!

This stuff is wildly dangerous, not to mention morally wrong and a huge waste of resources!

Got an update next on Karen from Maine:

UPDATE: New Concerning Details Emerge On Trump-Hating Maine Secretary Of State

And look at this....

"Scam Bankman Fraud" is going to skate on any more trials:

Biden DOJ Gives Top Democrat Donor Sam Bankman-Fried A Pass…No Second Trial

Guess he donated enough money to the right Democrats!

And with New Years Eve tomorrow night, I am so excited to show you this:

A New, New Year’s Eve Anthem: “All Glory Be To Christ”

Don't you just love it?

So good!

And we end tonight with our top story:

SHOCKING DISCOVERY: Viral Levels in the Wastewater Supply Skyrockets

Oh hey, before you go can I get you input on this?


Ok, that's a wrap!

Your friend,



Is this your life?

Look familiar?

Time to change!

The owner of THIS company just set a world record for rowing while in his 70s because of his awesome vitamins!!

That's why I'm on this Mission and pushing this Movement forward!




Life....and life to the full!

I love our Movement because we are definitely in this thing together!

Let's "BUDLIGHT" every Deep State company we possibly can! if you want in!

Sun's out, gun's out!


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