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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/31/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Sunday night, New Years Eve Newsletter!

Hope you are all doing great and staying SAFE tonight, I know I am!

Before we hit the news tonight, I’ve got a real quick favor to ask of you….

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Ok, now on with your New Years Eve news….

Starting with the most appropriate way possible, this wonderful hymn set to the music of Auld Lang Syne:

A New, New Year’s Eve Anthem: “All Glory Be To Christ”

How great is that?

Then believe it or not we go to two Alex Jones stories...


WATCH: Alex Jones Issues DIRE Warning


Alex Jones ACCEPTS Don Jr.’s Offer Of Being President Trump’s Press Secretary

And then it is SO GREAT to see this man back in the "pulpit"....

Pastor Robb Goodman shares his story of a miraculous recovery:

Pastor Robb: “My Testimony of a Miraculous Recovery”

And you gotta love this next one:

Maine Secretary Of State Gets Taste Of Her Own Medicine!

Speaking of, we posted this earlier today on Twitter and I think it's perfect:

Next up, a few days ago everyone and their mother was reporting that a Tesla robot attacked a worker on the line.

We did NOT run that story, because it was bogus.

Today we run a FACT CHECK and correct the record:

KILLER ROBOT Injures Worker? Elon Musk Defends ‘Optimus’

And what do we have here?

Bill Clinton To Be Named in Unsealed Epstein Court Documents This Week

Uh oh Bill!

Over 50 times?


How many times do you need to pump your to underage girls Bill?



The biggest story of the day that almost no one is talking about and they hoped you didn't see is the escalation of WW3:

BREAKING: U.S. Navy Sinks Several Boats In Red Sea

But it's not all bad news today....

This is great:

Trump Snags Huge Court Victory In Virginia

And this is just absurd:

Hershey Gets Sued For $5 Million, The Reason Why Is Quite Bizarre

Although you have to admit that the Reeses Halloween "pumpkins" sure do look a heck of a lot like the Reeses Easter "eggs"....

But a lawsuit?

I don't really care, they're all delicious!

You just need a high peanut butter-to-chocolate ratio and you're golden!

Too high of a chocolate-to-peanut butter and it's no bueno.....

Ok, two more before I wrap this up....

First this is very interesting:

Barron Trump Will Have A More Public Role In Donald Trump’s 2024 Campaign Run

And then we wrap up with this....

BANKING CRISIS: New Data Indicates Worst Yet To Come?

Folks, I just heard from Bo Polny and I can't reveal too much but he is predicting a BLOOD RED first week of January.

Two weeks actually.

I can't give away all the details because it's in his newest report but if you thought the worst was behind us, I'm afraid that may be very wrong!

Ok, that's a wrap....for tonight's Newsletter and for 2023!

I would never be dorky enough to say "See you next year" but I will "see you tomorrow in 2024!" more thing thoughts on what's coming in 2024:

Your friend,



Do you have one of these?

In my opinion EVERYONE should have one!

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