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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/2/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

And oh wow did we have a lot to cover today!

Think Friday’s are sleepy news days?


They love to do all the big things when they think you aren’t watching.

Which is why Joe Biden just launched massive strikes all over the Middle East just now as I’m typing this….

Hoping most people will not be paying attention over the weekend.

WW3 Breaking Out: U.S. Launches Strikes In Iraq, Syria…Iran Next?

It's not an exaggeration to say WW3 is literally breaking out this weekend.

Massive stock market plunge on Monday?

Folks, I told you this was coming.

Remember back in October (yes it really was that long ago) when the attack on Israel happened?

And everyone said it was just an isolated skirmish between Israel and Hamas?

Yeah, right.

Remember how I told you it would grow and grow and grow and we'd soon be involved?

Sadly I was right.

What started as Israel vs. Hamas in one small isolated area has now somehow morphed into Joe Biden and the USA bombing multiple countries all over the Middle East.

Oh and Joe Biden just promised that this is only that start -- it will "continue long after the strikes this weekend".

Translation: World War 3 just broke out.

Remind me again why we're bombing Iraq and Syria and Iran?  Because Hamas attacked Israel?  Wait, what?  You mean, kind of like how we killed Saddam Hussein over 9/11 when he wasn't involved?  Not saying he was a good guy, but he had nothing to do with it?

History repeats itself.

We need Trump back ASAP!

Ok, moving on...

This is certainly strange:

Trump Campaign Tells Candidate To ‘Immediately Cease And Desist’ Using His Image

And Fani is going south faster than Kamala Harris at a, errrrrrr, nevermind.

BREAKING: Fani Willis Subpoenaed By House Judiciary Committee

Love this:

Fani’s Case Is Over?

Thank you Mr. President!

This next one is going to be wild, but I had to cover it today:

FACT-CHECK: Do The Jews Get “Interest Free” Home Loans From Rocket Mortgage?

There you go for everyone who was asking me to look into it.

It's real.

But that's not the total story.

Then we have this:

Top 4 Conspiracy Theories About 5G That Are Coming True

And the best story of the whole day:

Jack Smith Case REMOVED From Docket

And if that isn't the best story, then this one certainly is:

Mandated Tampon Dispenser Placed Inside Boys Bathroom At High School Lasts ’20 Minutes’

Well done boys!

Then we have this:

VIDEO: Did Joe Biden Just Tell Diners In Detroit To “Vote Trump”?

Once you hear "Vote Trump" you can't hear anything else!

And one more friendly reminder that the US Dollar and US Stock Market could be in for HUGE problems soon....

I keep warning you, but please don't miss this:

BREAKING: Iran Officially Joins BRICS

And this:

WARNING: The Program That Stopped The Banking Crash Last Year Is Ending On March 11th

Did someone say GOLD?

Might be smart:

Got Gold? NEED Gold? Meet Ira, He Can Help Get You Physical Gold!

Ok, I gotta run!

See you tomorrow where I expect we'll have more huge news.

We'll continue to monitor and I'll see you then.

Your friend,



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