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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/21/22



Hey everybody!

Noah here and it’s Monday…how are you?

Let’s jump right in, with our lead story:

TRUDEAU-LITE? Biden Declares National Emergency Ahead of Trucker Convoy’s Arrival In D.C.

Can anyone tell me how you can watch the Super Bowl and 100,000 people gathered together butt-to-butt and not a single mask in sight and still think we have an emergency?

The only emergency is the elites losing control!

Next up is something really cool…

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And what do we have here?

Dangerous Levels of Titanium Dioxide Found in Face Masks, According to Study

Not only has Canada fallen, but it looks like there is a bank run in progress:

Canadian Citizens Appear To Be Engaging In A Classic Bank Run

Friends, you are watching the collapse of the old system in front of your very eyes!

You are living through history that they will talk about for centuries!

And we are living through it.

Next up, we have a new word from Dr. Zelenko, who continues to speak the truth whenever given the opportunity.

And he’s 100% right here:

Dr. Zelenko: “We Could Have Ended This Pandemic a LONG Time Ago!”

His popular Z-Stack is now in a Kid’s Gummy so you can protect the entire family!

See it here:

Ted Cruz has not always been my favorite person, but I think he gets it right more often than wrong.

Loved this:

Ted Cruz: People Need To Go To Jail For This!

And we end with our top story of the week so far…

I didn’t plan to write this, but after I spent the afternoon at the park with my kids, I couldn’t avoid it:

CHEMTRAILS: Did You Know The CFR Has Admitted To It?

Wake up people!

Look up!

Ask questions!

Your friend,



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