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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/22/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Thursday night Newsletter.

Busy day, so much to show you and I can’t possibly put it all in here (but I’ll try).

PRO TIP: I recommend you bookmark and check it for everything I can’t get to tonight:

Ok, now let’s hit as much as we can as quick as we can…

Starting with a lot more we just learned about possibly why former CBS reporter Catherine Herridge was fired so abruptly:

“Unprecedented” and “Outrageous”: Reporter Investigating Hunter Biden Laptop Has Files Seized

Then we have this:

The Fall of the Boy Scouts: Supreme Court Greenlights $2.5 BILLION Bankruptcy Settlement

I am of mixed thoughts on that.

What do you think?

And are you ready for ANOTHER impending Government Shutdown?

Impending Government Shutdown Coming?

All I can say is "Yes Please" and will you please make it permanent this time?

Stop teasing me!

The big story this morning was all the cellular networks going down:

DEVELOPING: Reports Of Nationwide Cellular Outages, Impacting Multiple Carriers

Gee, did someone say 10 Days of Darkness?

Test run?

Predictive programming?

It was initially blamed on a solar flare, and then later reports from some outlets started to claim cyber-attack:

Pharmacies Across The Nation Experiencing Major Outages As Cyber Attack Sweeps The Nation

As of right now, I'm not fully convinced we know the fully story about exactly what happened.

We'll continue to monitor it.

Might be a good time to check into this:

Decorated Army Infantryman Shows You How To Survive The Biggest Threat To America Ignorance Could Doom 90% Of Americans

Enjoy this next one:

WATCH: Elderly Biden & Pelosi Clutch Each Other’s Hands, Gingerly Shuffle Across Tarmac

It would be hilarious if it weren't so sad and if our Country weren't in such a bad spot.

Then we have something a little off the grid, but some pretty incredible teaching from Dr. Michael Heiser:

Michael Heiser Corrects The Record On “Original Sin”

I know that will help at least a couple people out there in a big way.

Next up, please join us if you're not in yet:

How To Join The “Secret Boycott” Patriots Are Using To Crush Woke Corporations

And can we vote Elizabeth Warren out of office this November?

Until now it's seemed impossible, but this is the man to do it, and based on the number of panicked emails Pocahontas is sending, she's rattled:

Meet The Man Who Is Going To Unseat Elizabeth Warren

We end with our top story:

Trump Finally Reveals Why We Don’t See Him Smile Very Often

Makes total sense.

Before we go, I'm curious where everyone stands on Vivek right now for VP.

Love it?

Hate it?

Would you support it?

Please let me know if you don't mind...

NATIONAL POLL: Would You Support Vivek For VP?

Gotta wrap it up there for tonight.

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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