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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/23/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

I want to start tonight with an update of those two very strange events we had yesterday and my thoughts on the shifting stories:

WE INVESTIGATE: What Really Caused The Huge Cellular Outage Yesterday?

Next up I have three incredible articles about President Trump and faith.

First up:

President Trump Answers Whether He Prays

Reminds me so much of what Kim Clement said, do you remember that?

Kim Clement said he would not be a praying President when he entered the White House but he would be when he left.

Not only praying but strongly defending Jesus and Christians:

President Trump: “No one will be touching the Cross of Christ under the Trump Administration!”

Now I know Jesus does not need defended, but still there seems to be some element in life and history where God likes working through men.

Of course God could do it all on his own, but he seems to like finding those who will stand for him.

And no, that's not just some ramblings of Noah, that's Bible.

Do you know your Bible, right?

It's 2 Chronicles 16:9:

"For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him." 

Then we have one more:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “….we still need the hand of our LORD and the grace of almighty God!”

I believe that even as strong and resourceful as President Trump is (and he is stronger than just about any other person) even he is realizing right now that there's no way he should still be standing right now if it were only on his own merits.

I think he knows he truly has the Grace of God holding him up right now.

Ask yourself what that would do to you and your world view if you're Donald J. Trump, perhaps the most powerful man on Earth, a former and future President, but to know that there's literally something supernatural holding you up?  How does that change you?  How does that strengthen you?

I think we're all about to find out, and we're seeing glimpses right now in quotes like this.

Meanwhile....let's go to the Degenerate Left:

Biden, 81, Says Key to Happy Marriage is”Good Sex”

Look, that's all fine and good, and actually he's probably right!

But Joe can't even ride a bike, he ain't doing anything more complicated than that!

What a load of BS once again from this fool.

And then we have this guy:

Former CNN Host Brian Stelter is Running in New Jersey as a Republican

I guess it makes sense....this is the party that believes you can be anything you want.  A human can be a cat, a boy can be a girl.  Surely Brian Stelter can be a Republican!

Then we have Google being exposed on the world stage for being outwardly and openly racist:

Google Takes Down Gemini AI Bot After It Refuses to Create Pictures of White People

Make no mistake, the AI didn't just "go haywire".

It was programmed that way.

And it's not just their AI chatbot "Gemini"....Google has been doing this for a LONG time.

Hey, you know how all the pharmacies went down yesterday?

Yeah, might be a good time to look into this:

Get the Meds the Government Banned During COVID!

Just sayin!

And then we have this:

Brand New High-Altitude Balloon Flying Over Western U.S., Military Tracking

No, that is NOT an old story, not a re-run.....

They're back!

Oh and sorry for this next one, it is sure to cause a massive flare up of Cognitive Dissonance among some people, but I still have to report it:

Dubai Admits It: Chemtrails and “Cloud-Seeding” Are Real, Here’s How We Do It!

Now admitted!

Flashing back to Trump and Faith and God and Christianity, you gotta love this next one.

So this broad gets on MSNBC and *thinks* she is insulting Christians by saying they are "Christian Nationalists" because they believe their rights come from God.

She actually said that as an insult.

To which I say: you're right!  Exactly!  And we're proud of it and it's true!

VIDEO: MSNBC Host Bashes Christians for Believing that “Rights Come From God”

Gotta love it.

And we end with something else you gotta love....Fani truly might be out soon.

Not just out of the case, perhaps disbarred!

Take a look:

Fani Willis Could Be Disbarred and Charged with Perjury After Trump Team Finds New Evidence!

Ok, that's a wrap for tonight.

Get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow, I'm absolutely wiped tonight!

Your friend,



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