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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/25/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here and I’m finally coming up for air!

I’ve been working all day long and finally had to “call a lid” as Joe Biden says.

The only difference is Joe’s “lid” comes at about 9:30am and mine comes at 9:30pm!

Now let’s jump in…

Starting with this fun one:

Trump Hilariously Mocks Joe Biden In Truth Social Post

Then we have this:

(VIDEO) Paul Ryan Will Ditch the RNC If Trump Wins Nomination

Good riddance loser!

Will anyone be said to see him go?

Not me!

I thought he was already gone actually.

Look Paul, baby, no one cares about you anymore!

We all know you’re a huge RINO.

You can leave and no one will care…

Actually, that will make us happy!

Please!  Please!  Stay away!

Next up is something that really blew me away today…

This kid has incredible courage:

MUST SEE: Brave Boy Reads Porno Book Outloud To School Board!

Next we go to Mike Lindell who has a decent dose of courage of his own!

BOOM! Mike Lindell’s Secret Weapon Revealed?

Then we turn to Bill Gates….

Just proves money can’t buy you class…or dignity….or brains….or salvation!

This guy is so lost:

Bill Gates Buys Nearly $1 Billion Stake in World-Famous Beer Company

But here’s where it really gets bad….

Want to eat steak?

Bill wants to make sure you’re eating mRNA vaccine!

This guy is sick!

Good thing I don’t just leave you with the problem, I give you the solution too!

Read here:

Bill Gates Working With DFID To Put The Poison Vaxx In Cattle!

Guess this next one must just be a big coincidence huh?

Exploded Suddenly? Fires Break Out At Three Facilities in America & Mexico Owned by One Company

And I love this….

Our man Donald Trump has never changed.

Same now as he was 40 years ago:

VIDEO FOUND — Donald Trump In 1988: “Wealthy people don’t like me…”

Back to Mike Lindell, he’s taking MAJOR action!

And I support him:

BREAKING: Mike Lindell To Sue Speaker Kevin McCarthy!

Please give Mike your 100% support!

This continues to be a big topic for me personally…

Love to know what you all think.

Private school?

Something else?

Read this:

Is It Time To Pull Your Kids OUT Of Public School?

And we end with our top story.

Don’t miss this:

President Trump Joins Glenn Beck!

So good to hear from our Commander In Chief!

Need to get him back in “official” office soon!

Ok, I’ve worked all day long and I’m wiped!

I gotta go hit the sack.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Your friend,



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