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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/26/23



Good morning!

Noah here with your Sunday night wrap up!

Huge day…

Huge weekend…

Huge week!

So many things to show you tonight, and I’ve cut a few out for the sake of time, but let’s jump right in.

Starting with this:

Zelenky: The Naked Guitar-Playing Actor?


This is the guy we’re sending billions to?

He’s a 2-bit actor.

Playing a role.

The whole thing is fake!

When will people wake up?

And speaking of money laundering (because that IS what we were speaking about), check this out:

BREAKING: Katie Hobbs Controlled By Bribes, Money Laundering?

She is not only going down, she’s going to prison!

Mark it down!

Here’s another one we were right about…

We told you back in 2020.

It took 3 years for the WSJ to figure it out, so who’s the better news source?

Wall Street Journal FLIPS, Confirms Lab Leak Was Correct All Along!

Since it’s Sunday, we bring you a wonderful Gospel message.

Strong one today:

You Can’t Have a Crown Without The Cross!

Related…let’s go to Hank Kunneman:

Hank Kunneman: “I Will Shake The IRS, Disney, World’s Currencies!”

Read my thoughts on why I’m covering this.

This next one makes me sick:

Ronna McDaniel Will Demand Pledge to Join GOP Primary Debate

This is why we needed Mike Lindell in there….

She is a RAT!

A Romney-Rat1

Told you from Day 1.

Speaking of “told you”….Donald Trump told us all what he’d do back in 1988….and then he did it:

Donald Trump Told Oprah Exactly What He’d Do If Needed…In 1988!

This is sick:

SICK: Here Is That Perverted Sex Ed Video Teaching First Graders To Masturbate

I can’t believe I’m covering this again, but I am.

I hope this helps someone and keeps at least one person from losing all their money:

PLEASE Don’t Get Scammed By The TRB Checks!

Did you know this?

Did You Know Woody Harrelson’s Father Was In The CIA?

Gee….just a weird coincidence I guess!

Folks, if you haven’t figured it out by now, let me explain: it’s all connected!

People don’t randomly become “stars”.

They are chosen from within the system.

And we end with our top story:

Klaus Wants You To “Eat Ze Bugs”…I Want You To Eat Black Angus!

Make sure you take advantage!

I can’t promise invites will remain open for much longer.

Your friend,



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