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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/28/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here…how are you?

Happy Tuesday!

Got a lot to show you tonight, let’s get rolling…

We start with this sick puppy:

SICK: Bill Gates + 6,000 Child Porno Images?

Your thoughts?

Love seeing people get Red Pilled and wake up.

I think after Damar Hamlin, most of the NFL has probably started to wake up now, and the rest are soon to follow:

NFL All-Pro Player, “DO NOT Take The Injections They Give You”

This next one is truly beyond anything I ever thought could happen.

Read this:

BIG MISTAKE: Zelensky Says U.S. Must Now Send “Sons and Daughters” to Fight and DIE for Ukraine!

Then we turn to the Turnip.

He was “brain dead” before he went in, and not in the sense of Democrats are all braindead, but literally he was a walking vegatable.

But now?

Now he may literally be dead.

I support this:

PENNSYLVANIA: GOP Officials Demand John Fetterman Prove He’s “Alive and Well”

HABEAS CORPUS: produce the body!

Next up…oh my:

Bio Male Trans Teacher With Z-Cup Size Breasts Claims “They’re Real”

Z cups?

I’ve never even heard of that!

Is that even possible?

Great warning next from Glenn Beck….take heed:

Glenn Beck: Do This RIGHT NOW To Prepare [Urgent]

Did you know this?

Joan Rivers “Died Suddenly” After Making This Comment About Michelle Obama…

And I know this next one may be troubling.

One person even emailed me today asking me to not show this image, even though I chose to “censor” it.

But that’s kind of the point, right?

I chose to censor it.

The censored version was NOT the version shown to kids in school.

So if you’re offended as an adult by me showing the censored version, then what does that say about what we’re showing to our kids in school?


TROUBLING: 2nd Graders Shown Video of Man With Erect Wang Standing Over Child!

And we end with our top story:

Zelensky Exposed (Literally): This Is The Guy We Are Sending Billions To?

Have you figured out the con yet?

Ok, that’s it for tonight.

I have to run, time for some shut eye….

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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