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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/28/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday night Newsletter.

Wow, so much to show you tonight….

I am going to have to move really fast through this, but please take your time reading!

Our top story comes from crypto today, where Bitcoin absolutely melted faces.

And here’s the crazy thing: Bo Polny nailed it almost to the hour!

Check this out:

Bitcoin Absolutely Skyrocketed Today….Here’s What Bo Polny Told Me Comes Next

As long as we're talking finances, let's stick with that for a minute.

Because big time Stock Market Insiders are all selling.....Millions and Billions worth.

Gee, you think they know something?

I put together a 3-part series about it:

Insider’s Selling (Part 1): Jeff Bezos Sells $8.5 BILLION of Amazon Stock


Insider’s Selling (Part 2): Walton Family Cashes Out of Wal-Mart!


Insider’s Selling (Part 3): Jamie Dimon Sells MILLIONS Of Stock — First Time Ever In Over 18 Years

And then when I was done I realized I forgot one, so here's the Bonus Part 4:

Insider’s Selling (Bonus Part 4): Mark Zuckerberg

Now let's go to President Trump for unfortunately two bad pieces of news involving the courts.

First up:

Another State Just Kicked President Trump Off The Ballot! (14th Amendment)

Are they insane?

They're about to get stomped by the SCOTUS right along with Colorado.

Bad move and really bad timing!

And this is perhaps even worse:

TRUMP APPEAL DENIED! Unconstitutional Seizure Of Private Property Continues!

Speaking of Governments out of control, this seems to be a good time to show you this....and a good idea to jump on it:

How to Get the Prescription McCullough Protocol Before the Government Bans It

Two incredible stories out of President Trump's big win in Michigan last night.

First this:

Here Are The Numbers: Trump Receives More Votes Than Biden In Michigan Primary

And then this stunner

Audible Gasps As Biden Loses Democrat Stronghold By 50 Points In Dearborn, MI To “Uncommitted”

Biden basically just lost to a paper bag!

Then we have something really fun, courtesy of an email exchange I was having today with a reader:

Remember This? NASA Duped By A Piece Of Chorizo!

Thought you'd enjoy that!

And we end with our top story:

American Retail Giant Announces Over 100 Store Closures

Things are REALLY bad folks, and they're doing all they can to cover it up before the Election.

Help us get the word out.

Gotta run!

Your friend,



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