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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/29/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Thursday night Newsletter.

Happy February 29th everyone!

You don’t get one of those every year.

In fact, Bo Polny tells me the end of February is actually the true end of the year.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

If you were arranging the calendar and you had one extra day to tack on once every four years, where would you stick it?

You’d probably just tack it on to the very end of the year, right?

That’s why they put it at the end of February.

Not only that, but look at the names of months….

OCTober.  What does OCT mean?  8.  But October is allegedly the 10th month?

SEPTember.  What does SEPT mean?  7.  But September is allegedly the 9th month?


Anyone know Spanish?

Diez?  DEC?  That would be 10 right?  But December is allegedly the 12th month.

You get the idea.

A lot more about that here, it’s fascinating:

Bo Polny: Crypto Skyrockets…The NEXT 90 Days

Ok, enough with the calendar lesson, let's get rolling with the news....

Starting with Joe Biden trying oh so very hard to not topple over while leaving his basement and visiting the Border:

Joe Biden Desperately Tries To Avoid Falling Over In The Wind While Visiting The Border

And sticking with the Biden family, we FINALLY got this admission today:

FINALLY: Hunter Biden ADMITS Joe Biden Is The BIG GUY

Isn't that enough to arrest the whole bunch of them for Treason?

What more do we need to hear?

Then we have the intentional attack on our food system:

You Probably Had No Idea This Was Happening To Ranchers…

And implosion of the financial markets continues:

More Layoffs Hitting Citigroup, CEO Gets Pay Raise

I'm telling you, I can FEEL it....

I've lived long enough to be able to recognize patterns.

This feels exactly like Summer of 2008 to me.

More on that here:

I’d Like To Tell You a Story That Starts In 2008…[from NOAH]

And I knew the AT&T "bug" story was phony.

Now today we get confirmation:

Erik Prince Tells Patrick Bet-David The AT&T Phone Outage Was A Cyber Attack By China

Then we have this from the archives....

Absolutely uncanny:

Have You Seen Donald Trump’s Mother? It’s Uncanny!

And our top story:

Judge Engoron EXPOSED On Creepy Hidden Video Camera At Gym

Why is this guy so freaky?

Seriously, it's horrible.

Any surprise they found this guy who was sleazy enough to attack President Trump with no conscience or faithful allegiance to the law at all?

It all makes sense now.


Oh, one more thing...

Last night I brought you a 4-part series on Insiders selling their stock (at the market top?).

I thought it was a 4-part series but tonight we add one more, a big one:

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger Reportedly DUMPS 80% Of His Shares In Disney!

Ok, that's a wrap for tonight (scroll down to check out something new I think you'll like if you're like me).

Your friend,



One of my favorite things about this Newsletter is getting to tell you when I find cool stuff...

And that's what I've got right here.

If your family is like mine, we are ALWAYS running out of chargers.  Can't ever find them when you need them!

And they never charge fast enough.

So I loved this as soon as I got it...the ZIPPY-Charger!

With four kids at home, it's a game-changer.

If you want one, I can get you a deal on them using the link below.  Enjoy!

See it here


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