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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/9/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here…how are you?

Happy Thursday!

Another big day, it was hard to decide what to show you since we had so much today.

As a reminder, you should bookmark two sites:

First is

Of course.

Second is

Just go to both of those and hit “Command+D” or “Control+D” and that will allow you to Bookmark.

I’m posting on both all day long.

Now let’s start off here:

Report: How The GOP Establishment Is Plotting To Stop Trump In 2024 – “2016 All Over Again”

Then we have something very interesting:

Are Zelensky And Soros Related?

Once you see it, you can’t really “unsee” it.

With that in mind, try watching this and see what you see:

I rest my case.

Time is winding down on this next one:

Putting Out A Call For Help….Limited Spots Open!

I really hope we see you there, it’s the last time we’re doing it and it was so much fun last Saturday I have no doubt it will be even better this week.

The Zoom limit is higher this time but it’s not unlimited so make sure you get there early!

Love this next one:

Mayor & Entire Council Switch From Democrat to Republican

And Trump is now back on Facebook, although I’m not sure he cares:

BREAKING: Trump’s Facebook & Instagram Accounts Reinstated

My big question is when do I get my 1.5M “WeLoveTrump” Facebook Page back?

They wiped me in 2020 without so much as even a warning!

Just deleted me.

Had so many people that loved what we were posting.

Do I get reinstated?

This next one is troubling:

BREAKING: Congresswoman Assaulted in DC!

And I have to warn you about this…

I believe a “Tactical Nuke” will be detonated soon.

I don’t mean to alarm you, I’m just letting you know.

It’s coming:

Is FEMA Trying To Issue A Not-So-Subtle Warning?

Next up, if you thought the Brunson Brothers case was dead….think again!

It’s not only not dead but there are TWO cases moving forward!

Keep The Faith!

Loy Brunson On Charlie Ward: Major Update On The Case, BOTH Still Alive!

And you gotta love the oldest member of Congress going full beast mode:

Sen. Chuck Grassley Just Laid It All Out: “This Sounds Like A Spy Novel, But It Happened — Here!”

How is Hunter still not in jail?

Can anyone explain?

Biden’s Laptop Lies: Big Surprise, We Were Right All Along!

Oh right…..because of the “Big Guy”.

Corruption at it’s finest!

They should both be sent to GITMO if you ask me!

Next up:

Nearly Half Of The SCOTUS Justices Give Biden The Cold Shoulder

Just one comment after seeing that picture….

I bet Ruth’s shoulder was EXTREMELY cold! 😂

Next we have something very serious for many people….

COVID hair loss.

It’s real and it’s not just you!

Details here:

Can You Regrow Your Hair After Serious COVID Hair Loss?

And we end with our top story:

John Fetterman Rushed To Hospital

Thoughts and prayers.

Hey, before I go I have to show you something really cool…

Watch this and let me know what you think:

Awesome, right?

Stop sending all your money to the globalist companies that hate you!

….that put toxic chemicals in everything you buy.

We just found the “parallel economy” and it’s so much better!

Because it’s ran by Patriots!

Right now it’s Invite Only, so let me know if you want an invite and I can get you in.

Request an Invite here:

Thanks for helping us change the world!

Your friend,



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