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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/8/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here and I know I’m late tonight…

Sorry about that!

I also have a few bonus articles, so I hope that makes up for it!

Truly wild day.

Let’s jump right in….

Starting with confirmation of what we all knew was true:

BOMBSHELL REPORT: The USA Destroyed The Nordstream 2 Pipeline!

Oh my….

For real, this is no joke….this could lead to WW3 and that’s not an exaggeration.

This is very troubling and very scary.

NEVER would have happened under Trump!

Love this next one….crazy day in Congress today!

Loved seeing Vagina Gadde and (pervy) Yoel Roth getting their asses handed to them:

CONGRESS: Arrests For Twitter Execs Coming Next!

This was just perfection from Lauren B:

Lauren Boebert Is MUST SEE Against Pre-Elon Twitter Execs!

This next one troubles me greatly….

Happening right now….IN THE USA!

10 Years In Prison…Over A Meme?

And so does this:

Project Veritas Board Places James O’Keefe On Leave- Shortly After He Exposed Pfizer

What happened?

Who got to them?

I thought he was the CEO and owner of that company?

Something very wrong here….

Pfizer is a demonic, power-hungry, money-hungry vile entity.

Needs to be dismantled!

Now let’s go to the Mumbler In Chief:

“Frisizhnjubs”: Can You Decipher These Gibberish Moments from Biden’s State of the Union?

And what the hell was this?

Why Did Jill Biden Kiss Kamala Harris’ Husband at the State of the Union?

I sure do miss this guy:

Here’s How To Protect Yourself Against “Dormant Viruses”

His great work lives on…

Make sure you take advantage and stay healthy!

The SOTU was almost unwatchable, but this will help:

President Trump Gives His Own State of The Union Address

Our top story of the day is here:


I’m doing one more Zoom this Saturday and it will almost certainly be the last one for the Inner Circle…

Please make sure you don’t miss it!

FROM NOAH: Here’s Why I’m Doing ONE More Zoom….Don’t Miss This!

And we end with our top story:

The “Triple B” Is Nearing Bankruptcy, Do You Feel Bad For Them?

Feel bad for them?

I sure don’t!

How about you?

Your friend,



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