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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/15/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

Hope you had a fantastic week and welcome to the weekend my friends!

But first today’s news that you may have missed.

We started off with the Ruling from Judge McAfee as expected this morning….

But what was not expected was how absolutely bizarre his Ruling would be:

SHOCK RULING: Judge McAfee Issues Bizarre “Split Baby” Ruling, Legal Experts Baffled

Does that make sense to anyone?


Not long after it was confirmed that Wade was out:

BREAKING: Nathan Wade Resigns After Judge’s Ruling

Speaking of strange, it if Judge McAfee was a Level 7 on the Strange Scale, this is all the way up to Level 11:

Patrick Byrne Claims He Planned To Swim Up To Epstein Island and “Off” Jeffrey Epstein

Moving over to a different Trump case, looks like we have some good things happening with Bragg:

Recent Motion From Alvin Bragg Suggests His Case Is In Trouble

Next is something I absolutely loved today and I know so many of you do too.


NEW TREY SMITH: Trump vs. Jackson: Past Predicts Future

Then we go to Bohemian Grove....

Big announcement out today but I give you my thoughts and concerns in the article:

Kyle Undercover Claims He Has Obtained Membership List For Bohemian Grove 2023

Then we have Advil going Woke:

Advil Releases Woke Ad Campaign: Pain Is Now Racist?

And I've been wanting to write this next one for quite a while.

Finally had time today.

Please read and share:

Vitamin D — They’ve Been Lying To You All Along (Here’s The Truth)

We end with Britney Spears because many of you said the video was deleted.

I've added it back in here:

Britney Spears Fans Alarmed As Pop Star Posts Nude Beach Photos and Video

Ok, that's a wrap!

Your friend,



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