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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/16/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Saturday night Newsletter.

Hey, how is everyone doing tonight?

Hope your weekend has been great, mine definitely has!

Ok, let’s jump right in and we start with a serious warning about TMobile:

TMobile’s New “SHAFT” Program — $2,000 Fines For Supporting MAGA?

Then we have this very prescient warning from Elon Musk:

Elon Musk: “America is Doomed” Without “Red Wave This November”

He's 100% right.

I just hope enough people wake up to give it the runaway landslide we need to overcome the cheating.

And a MASSIVE crowd for President Trump in Ohio today:

WATCH: MASSIVE Crowd Lines Up To Hear President Trump Speak At Rally In Dayton, OH

That's a key state, and I think Trump is going to win it hands down!

We had a big watch party over on Rumble watching the Rally live.

If you missed us, make sure you Follow Me on Rumble so we're connected going forward...

...and you can watch it on replay here:

From massive crowds for Trump, we now turn to senile old Biden....and at least he's giving us great comedy:

President Trump Posts Two HILARIOUS New Biden Videos

The Biden videos are classic, and then I posted one of the most hilarious videos of all time at the end of that article too.

I hope you enjoy it!

Update on the upcoming Eclipse next, and even more strange connections I just learned about:

ECLIPSE UPDATE: The Only Sign Will Be The Sign of Jonah!

How many things have to line up before you say it can't all be coincidences?

Speaking of strange "coincidences", meet "Lucky Larry":

“LUCKY LARRY”: Meet The Luckiest Man Alive

Your thoughts?

And I actually just grabbed some more Ivermectin for my family today.

If you want some, here's how:

Americans Can Stockpile Ivermectin & Key Prescription Medicines – Here Is One Way To Do It

I'm not a big Ben Shapiro fan, but I do appreciate this:

WATCH: Ben Shapiro Changes Tune, Makes Surprise Announcement

Thank you Ben!

And why is this not a bigger deal?

WATCH Boeing Whistleblower Told Friends: “If Anything Happens, It’s Not Suicide”

We end tonight with our top story....

A follow up on yesterday's big ruling:

The Silver Lining In The Baffling Fani Willis Decision?

Have a great rest of your evening!

Your friend,



Conservatives are realizing just how powerful we can be if we stick together and let our voices be heard.

Great idea, right?

If we want to take back our freedoms and end the Woke Mind Virus, we must take a stand and make permanent changes.

Simply changing stores doesn’t solve our problem as almost all are controlled and the products they sell are just as bad.

Over 90% of the products on store shelves are controlled by the same globalist hedge funds as the big box stores.

As always, I bring you an actual solution from my friends at Patriot Switch.

We have partnered with an American made, family and patriot owned manufacturer that supplies us with our everyday essentials and actually cares about its customers and freedom in this country.

Visit to get the details on this private invite-only, factory-direct club!


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