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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/18/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Monday night Newsletter.

Got a lot to show you tonight, let’s jump right in…

Starting with a story I have not covered until now because I didn’t care about it.

But now I do and here’s why:

Princess Kate Has Been Spotted?

Meanwhile, Barrack Hussein Obama is in the UK?


Barack Obama Makes Surprise Visit To U.K. As Royal Rumors Swirl

Although some people are saying if you zoom in, it doesn't really look like him....

Your thoughts?

Big update on Hunter Biden....worse than even imagined?

NEW Report Reveals Hunter Biden Was Selling Far More Than Influence To China, Nuclear Assets Compromised?

Speaking of "worse"....I keep warning you of coming problems.

But even I didn't think it would be THIS bad.


Grant Cardone Tells Charlie Kirk: “300 Banks WILL FAIL in Next 24 Months”

Next up, I don't even know how they can do this with a straight face:

CDC Finally Releases Report On Myocarditis—But There’s A Glaring Catch…

These criminals are openly laughing in our faces....

So sick of this!

Speaking of criminals harming us, have you seen this?

Doritos, Takis & Other Foods Potentially Face School Ban In California Over Harmful Additives

Good news to share next:

Jack Smith’s Case Is In Trouble, Checkmate?

I LOVED seeing this one....


Reporter Left STUNNED When Black Married Couple Answers Who They’ll Vote For in 2024

And we end with our top story:

President Trump’s “Top Concern” For VP Pick Unveiled In New Report – TWO Potential Candidates Ruled Out?

Love to know what you think on that topic!

Shoot me a reply.

Your friend,



You’re probably going to think this is the dumbest thing ever…

I know I did the first time I saw it.

But then I actually tried it and I’ve totally changed my mind.

Just trust me (and thank me later).

See it for yourself

Grab one here if you want 


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