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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/19/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Tuesday night Newsletter.

I don’t know what happened today but we had almost DOUBLE the news of a normal day.

So I’m going to give you a couple extra reports tonight in this Newsletter but you’ll have to go to to see everything else.

It’s a good idea anyway — I recommend bookmarking it and setting it as your homepage so you never miss anything:

Ok, we start tonight with this news:

Trump Rules Out Another High Profile Potential VP Candidate

Then we have one of the most stunning (in a bad and bewildering way) stories I have ever covered.

Yes, this is exactly what the headline looks like: a Supreme Court Justice saying she is finding the First Amendment difficult because it makes it too hard for the Government to "censor speech".

Hard to fathom she actually said that.

Memo to Kwame Brown or whatever her name is: that's exactly the point and that's why they put it first!  Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves knowing you somehow sit on the Supreme Court!

Folks....DEI legal work at it's finest:

Supreme Court Justice Claims 1st Amendment Is Making It Hard For Govt To Censor Speech

You know what's even worse?

I don't know if she's serious, joking or even aware of the magnitude of what she just said....

Then we have two prominent Dems once again speaking out and saying the obvious: Trump is kicking our butts!

Michael Moore’s Warning To Democrats: “Donald Trump Is Smarter Than Us”


Stephen A. Smith: “Trump is WHIPPIN’ y’all ass! You can’t beat him!”

Since February of last year, I have been pushing my new Mission: to fight back against the big corporations that hate us!  To vote with our dollars!  To build a parallel economy!

Just as I did with this website, I started at absolute zero.

Flash-forward one year and we've amassed nearly 200,000 people to join us along the way and we're starting to log some BIG wins:

Consumer Goods Giant Unilever Slashing 7,500 Jobs

Speaking of DEI, this is unbelievable, but sadly true:

The Bar Exam Will No Longer Be Required To Become An Attorney In Washington State

Why stop there?

Why not just cut out Law School too?

Next we have this:

Gov’t insider dishes dirt on Biden

And I don't know how much you've used ChatGPT, but it's honestly mind-blowing.

I love it.

I can spend hours using it, just like when the Internet first came out.

Access to any information you ever dreamed possible!

And now they've taken that and put it inside a robot.

Meet your future:

ChatGPT Now Has a Body

Love this next one....

Love everything from Trey Smith and Kim Clement:

Trey Smith & Kim Clement: The Last Prophecy

Now we go to Don Lemon and his infamous interview with Elon Musk.

It was horrible to watch (thanks to Don), still fascinating (thanks to Elon) and overall a must-see IN SPITE OF Lemon.

Here it is:

Here Is That Infamous Don Lemon – Elon Musk Interview (Warning: Hard To Watch)

Here was the part that caught my attention the most:

Elon Musk Teases A New Flying Car

Next, heads up to anyone who could use this:

Here’s How to Get the Prescription McCullough Protocol Before the Government Bans It

(and that would be EVERYONE!)

And to everyone asking "Where's Melania?" .... here you go, she's right here:

Melania Trump Shares “Two Words” When Asked When She Will Join Campaign Trail

We end tonight with our top report.

I sure hope you can join me on this:

We’re Almost 200,000 Strong….And We’re Winning! Join Us?

Have a great rest of your evening!

Your friend,



I was fighting off a NASTY cold last week.

Anyone else sick right now?

Usually it's a 1-2 week ordeal by the time you go through all the symptoms (the sore throat, then the stuffed up nose, then the lingering cough).

But this time I kicked it fast.


Because I had a secret weapon: a little something that starts with "I" and ends in "vermectin"!

Here's where I got it from, DETAILS HERE:


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