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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/2/22



Hey everybody!

Noah here with a HUGE Wednesday night Newsletter!

Let’s jump right in…

We start with something new I am doing.

If you’re confused about Russia/Ukraine (which is understandable given all the MSM propaganda) I’m going to start showing you everyone who “stands with Ukraine”.

And then you can decide if these are the people you agree with on ANYTHING else.

If that answer is “no”, then perhaps you might come to the conclusion that the narrative the MSM is force-feeding down your throat is, shall we say, not accurate?

We start tonight with good old George Soros.

He supports the Ukraine:

George Soros Stands With Ukraine

Good guy.

Next up is that “Spirit Cooking” Witch (hey, I think she takes that as a compliment), Marina Abramovich:

“Spirit Cooker” Mirina Ambramovic Supports The Ukraine!

Another great human being.

They both LOVE Ukraine and they need you to LOVE Ukraine and hate Russia.

So….do with that what you will.

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin….don’t look now but 2020 is NOT over:

Been telling you for a while this is NOT settled yet.

And the truth WILL come out.

WeLoveTrump is one of the only places that has been telling you to NOT give up on 2020 and you’re about to see why!

Then we have a major update from Julie Green:

Update From Julie Green: Many More Deaths Coming

And from Timothy Dixon (actually THREE updates):

Timothy Dixon: URGENT Prophetic Update

And don’t miss this:

MASSIVE Ukraine Press Release Exposes Entire Biden Family!

Now let’s talk SOTU, because I bet many of you (like me) couldn’t stomach watching it.

So here’s what you missed.

First, this:

WATCH: What Was Kamala Harris Mouthing Behind Joe Biden As He Spoke?

And then this:

What’s Wrong, Nancy? Speaker Rubs Knuckles, Almost Falls Over at State of the Union

And what do we have here?

Top Romanian Soccer Team Announces A Ban On VACCINATED Players

And we end with our top story:

What Was In Those Bush Sr. Funeral Envelopes? The “First Arrest” To Shock The World Revealed?

I told you it was a big day!

Love to get your thoughts…leave a comment or email me back.

I read every single one, even though I don’t always have time to respond.

Your friend,



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