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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/2/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Saturday night Newsletter.

But not just any Saturday, they’re now calling it SUPER SATURDAY.


Because it was quite a day of winning for President Trump!

We start off with a big win in Missouri (clean sweep):

President Trump CRUSHES Nikki Haley In Missouri Primary

Then a clean sweep of the remaining delegates open in Michigan:

Haley Loses Again! Trump Awarded Remaining Michigan Delegates After Blowout Primary Victory

Then for the trifecta it was Idaho:

President Trump Wins Again, DESTROYS Nikki Haley In Idaho Caucus

After all of that, they're now calling it "Super Saturday":

SUPER SATURDAY: Donald Trump Wins Clean Sweep of Idaho, Michigan and Missouri, Crushes Nikki Haley

Then we look at the national polling for the General Election and President Trump is at his biggest recorded lead of all time (even in 2015):

President Trump Scores Largest National Lead EVER In NYT Poll

Next up, this is really gross...

These teachers and administrators need to be fired:

DISGUSTING: Oklahoma School Under Investigation Over Video of Children Licking Feet

Then we had Joe Biden freeze up on live TV....

Reminded me exactly of when it happened to Mitch McConnell:

Creepy Joe Freezes in Front of Cameras, Shocking the Prime Minister of Italy

BIG news out today from the Courts on J6....

And it could lead to reversals or re-sentencing in tons of J6 cases.  HUGE!

New Court Ruling Has HUGE Implications for J6 Defendants — Could Reverse Hundreds of Cases

We also learned today how much Bud Light lost over the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco and the number does not start with an "M":

New Report REVEALS Bud Light Lost Staggering Amount In Dylan Mulvaney Fiasco

Then we had this:

Ukrainian Soldier Claims To Have FILMED A UFO “Bigger Than The Empire State Building” In Donetsk Directly Above War Zone

What does everyone think of that?

And we were right from Day 1 on this next one:

COVID-19 Officially ‘Like The Flu’, CDC Updates Guidelines

We told you!!

Always was the case.

They defrauded the nation and the entire world.

Didn't let you see dying relatives.....

Kept kids out of school for 1-2 years, setting them back by a lot....

All for the flu.

Crimes against Humanity.

Then I really want to understand this next to get your thoughts:

Why Is General Flynn Calling For “One Religion”?

And earlier this morning reports were going viral that Elon Musk had caved!  Now enforcing punishments for anyone who uses the wrong pronouns on Twitter!

Turns out it was just the Legacy Media lying to you again.

Here's the truth:

FACT-CHECK: No, Elon Musk Hasn’t “Reinstated Misgendering Rules” – Lying Legacy Media Lied To You Again

And we end with our top story:

BREAKING: Royal Family Member Dead From Gunshot Wound To The Head

Oh my.

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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