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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/3/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Sunday night Newsletter.

We start tonight with a story that just broke right before I started working on this Newsletter:

Supreme Court Gives Rare Update, Indicates Big Trump Decision Coming On Monday

And a big update on this one:

Wildfire Destroys 1 Million Acres, Killing Thousands of Livestock In Texas

Then we have this:

Strange New Disease Now Affecting 1-3 Million Americans

Gee, any idea of what might be causing that?


Ok, now for some good news....

Literally, here's a Sunday Gospel Message for you:

Sunday Gospel: Speaking The Words of Life

Please share with someone that might enjoy hearing it, or might need to hear it.

I love this next one:

New Poll Shows Matt Gaetz With Huge Support in Florida for the 2026 Gubernatorial Race

He would be GREAT!

Now we go to that Warmongering Fraud, Nikki Haley for two stories.

First up, how scummy can you be?

Nikki Haley Lied To You Again — No Intention Of Honoring Pledge

And just like we told you, it's now confirmed....

Nearly HALF her support so far (which hasn't been much) has all come from DEMOCRATS!

She should be embarrassed but of course she's not:

New Report Reveals Nearly HALF Of Nikki Haley Votes In Primaries Are Coming From Democrats! (We Told You!)

Our top story of the week next in case you missed it:

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger Reportedly DUMPS 80% Of His Shares In Disney!

Then we have this, which I found very interesting:

President Trump Throws Out A New Name As Potential VP

And this next one is just wild....

So using AI, they took his speech that was not in English, dubbed it over to English but still made it Milei's voice and gave it his accent when speaking English, and then they modified the video so his lips moved to the new audio.

Absolutely wild stuff:

MUST SEE: Argentina’s President Milei At The WEF (In English With His Own Accent)

Great speech too, right in the Lion's Den!

Then we have this:

Big Names Rumored To Be On CNN’s “Chopping Block”…Here’s The List

Do you feel sorry for them?

And we end with our top story....

A few days ago I told you about the man running to unseat Elizabeth Warren.

Tonight meet the guy who is going to take down Adam Schiff:

Retired MLB Legend Steve Garvey LEADS Adam Schiff in California Senate Race

A new day is coming my friends!

And it's going to be great with these people gone and patriots in their place!

Your friend,



You’re probably going to think this is the dumbest thing ever…

I know I did the first time I saw it.

But then I actually tried it and I’ve totally changed my mind.

Just trust me (and thank me later).

See it for yourself

Grab one here if you want 


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