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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/20/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday night Newsletter.

Hope everyone is doing great.

I start tonight with something I did NOT expect to see today:

Mark Cuban Comes To Donald Trump’s Defense

He's still a big lefty, but thanks for speaking the truth on this one Mark!  We'll take it!

Next up, I've been warning you about a serious bank/dollar crash for a while now....

And you could say it's just Noah with his tin foil hat on.

But today Ron Paul just told you the same thing....except worse.

Take a look:

“Very, Very Dangerous” — Ron Paul Warns Tucker Carlson of Imminent Black Swan Event

Now if Ron is right, do you think the "Insiders" would know it's coming?

And if they knew it was coming, do you think you'd see something like, oh I don't know.....this:

Insider’s Selling (Part 1): Jeff Bezos Sells $8.5 BILLION of Amazon Stock

Insider’s Selling (Part 2): Walton Family Cashes Out of Wal-Mart!

Insider’s Selling (Part 3): Jamie Dimon Sells MILLIONS Of Stock — First Time Ever In Over 18 Years

Insider’s Selling (Bonus Part 4): Mark Zuckerberg

And this?

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger Reportedly DUMPS 80% Of His Shares In Disney!

I can smell it a mile away....

It's going to be 2008 but much worse.

Ok, one more:

Grant Cardone on the Charlie Kirk Show: “300 Banks WILL FAIL in Next 24 Months”

Don't say I didn't warn you!

Ok, now moving on to the Reaction we SHOULD HAVE had to the State of the Union "address":

Jonathan Cahn Has The PERFECT Response To Biden’s SOTU

Wow, nailed it!

And I found a new clip I had never seen before of HollyWeird LOVING Donald Trump before he ran for President.

They all loved him:

WATCH: Ellen Fawns Over Donald Trump (2004)

Then we have this....

Her only crime?

Supporting President Trump:

Pro-Trump Lawyer ARRESTED By U.S. Marshals In Washington D.C.

We truly live in a Banana Republic.

Speaking of, how is this even legal?

How is this being allowed to happen in America?

Next up....what in the world is this??

Jellyfish Vapor Spotted In Night Sky In Los Angeles

And the Legacy Media refused to even report on this today, so we will:

A Clean Sweep! Trump Wins 5 Primaries

Big update to this story:

RNC Backtracks Plan To Hire Election Activist Scott Presler

And oh my:

FLASHBACK: Jason Whitlock Says Joy Reid Is a High Satanic Priestess In The Alphabet Cult

Next up, do you have any idea how big a "12 sigma event" is?

It's almost statistically impossible!

At least, for anything occurring naturally.

COVID jabs unleashed 12 sigma mass death event

And we end with our top story....

These people are sick!

Who says this?

Former NBC Exec Wants To DATE Barron Trump Now That He’s “Fair Game”?

I guess even he got embarrassed and deleted the tweet.

But it's too late, we all saw it.


Your friend,



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