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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/5/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your SUPER TUESDAY night Newsletter.

Wow, wow, wow….what a day and what a night!

So much to show you and I’ll get to all the election results in just a minute, but first the other news of the day.

Starting with this:

The WEBSITE Joe Biden Doesn’t Want You To See

And this:

“China And Russia Are Trying To Stop This Man” War Hero Gives Inside Details On Next Great Disaster And How To Protect Your Family From It Don’t Sacrifice Your Family On The Altar Of Globalism

This happened this morning, looks like they wanted a social media blackout on election day:

DEVELOPING: Massive Social Media Outage Affecting Facebook, Instagram And More

Good thing we had Twitter!

And a big update from Michelle Obama's "Office" today.

Here's my take on it:

Michelle Obama’s “Office” Finally Addresses Her Run In 2024

Getting lost in the news of the day is something HUGE for the U.S. Dollar and Gold and the BRICS Nations.

You need to see this:

China Acquires North American Gold Company With Hard Cash, Expanding BRICS Influence

Remember when I told you about this?

New BRICS Currency Value: $55 Per One BRIC?

Now you can see the whole plan coming together before your very eyes:

The EXACT Plan To Kill The U.S. Dollar REVEALED

Ok, now let's have some fun....

The wins came in fast and furious tonight, and we don't know all results as of the time I'm writing this Newsletter, but President Trump will likely go down in history for a historic and landmark sweep or near sweep on Super Tuesday.

It started here (yesterday):

Donald Trump Dominates North Dakota Caucuses In 70-Point Win

Then here:

SUPER TUESDAY: President Trump Defeats Nikki Haley In Virginia Primary

Then North Carolina:

President Trump Wins North Carolina Primary!

Then they started coming in so fast we had to do 6 at a time:

BREAKING: SIX More State Primaries Called For Trump!

Trump steamrolled in Texas:

BREAKING: President Trump DOMINATES Nikki Haley in Texas Primary!

And an extra sweet victory in liberal Colorado after the Supreme Court put him BACK on the ballot:

BREAKING: Trump Wins Colorado Primary, Sweet Victory After Ban Attempt

We're hearing rumors Nikki Haley will drop out, but so far no official announcement:

Dropping Out? Nikki Haley Has No Further Events Planned Beyond Super Tuesday

You're reading this in the future, so maybe you future people will know she has already dropped out.

We'll be covering it LIVE on Twitter here and WLTReport here.

Make sure you Follow Us on Twitter and bookmark the WLTReport homepage.

One safety warning as we move away from the election:

How To Get the Only Medical Emergency Kit Formulated and Endorsed by Dr. Peter McCullough

You never know WHAT they will pull in an election year....

But we know for sure what they did last time.  Right?

And I want to end tonight with this beautiful story:

The Untold TRUE Story of Donald Trump’s REVIVAL Bible!

I hope you enjoyed that!

And I hope you're enjoying the big wins tonight, what a legendary evening!

Your friend,



You’re probably going to think this is the dumbest thing ever…

I know I did the first time I saw it.

But then I actually tried it and I’ve totally changed my mind.

Just trust me (and thank me later).

See it for yourself

Grab one here if you want 


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