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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/4/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Monday night Newsletter.

We start off tonight with a big update on Texas and another major blow to our food sources:

Texas’ Wildfires May Have Long Term Effect On Beef Cattle Industry

Big story today is Bitcoin absolutely EXPLODING and just a few hundred dollars away from it's all time high.

In fact, by the time you read this it might already be past that.

Bo Polny told us this would happen back on February 22:

Bitcoin Is Inches Away From A New All Time High, Bo Polny Told Me What Happens Next…

He also tells us what's coming next.  Read above if you want to know.

Next I have more information on the upcoming eclipse that really blew me away today:

The Upcoming U.S. Eclipse Just Got Even Stranger!

Then I have a wild one from Hank Kunneman...

I haven't covered him in a while, but I know many of you love when I do so here you go:

HANK KUNNEMAN: “There will be secrets that will be revealed that will cause so much damage”

Then you gotta love this next one....

Nikki Haley finally won a primary: Washington, D.C.

The LITERAL Swamp:

Nikki Haley Finally Wins A GOP Primary, Trump Responds

How perfectly poetic!

Then she posted this and I had to respond:

Oh the irony is just too good!

But is she finished?

Dried up?

Wiped out?

Reports circulating say she will not make it past Super Tuesday (tomorrow) and has already cancelled all ad spending:

NEW REPORT Claims Nikki Haley Is Cancelling All Ad Spend, Is She Done?

The biggest (and best) story come early this morning from the Supreme Court.

You might remember we told you last night this was coming:

9-0: Supreme Court Unanimously Sides With President Trump In Landmark Ruling

I knew Trump would win, but I didn't know by what vote.

The case was as clear as they come, but I still wasn't sure if the Liberal Justices would do the right thing.

Turns out that it was SO egregious and SO obvious that even ALL the Liberal Justices agrees it had to be reversed.

That's when you know you've gone WAY too far, when Kwame Brown (or whatever her name is) sides with Trump:

The ensuing meltdowns on live TV were fantastic:

Colorado Secretary Of State Has Meltdown On Live TV After UNANIMOUS Supreme Court Ruling Against Her

And then President Trump addressed the Nation:

President Trump Addresses The Nation After Historic SCOTUS Win

The best question I heard all day was someone asking how this all plays out....

Do the ballots need to be reprinted in Colorado?

We have the answer:

Does President Trump’s Big SCOTUS Win Give Enough Time To Get His Name BACK ON The Paper Ballots?

And we end with our top story....

Love this Movement:

How Is It That More Americans Don’t Know About This “Silent Boycott” That’s Crushing Woke Corporations?

That's a wrap.

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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