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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/8/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

Wow, another week flew by!  Where did that time go?

The days are speeding up just as I expected as we move throughout 2024 and closer to the election.

It’s already crazy and it’s only warming up!

I’ll be here to escort you through all of it, to the best of my ability.  And it’s a pleasure to do so!

Ok, let’s start tonight with a few highlights (or would that be low-lights?) from last night’s SOTU.

First this:

Biden Threatens Supreme Court Justices During Speech

And then this nonsense:

Did Biden Just Claim That The COVID Vaccines Are Curing Cancer?

This next one still has my blood boiling.

Can anyone tell me what crime he committed?

Criticizing the Resident?

I was under the impression that was protected behavior squarely under the First Amendment:

Gold Star Father Whose Son Died During Afghanistan Withdrawal Arrested After Biden’s Speech

The Biden Regime is corrupt and out of control!

Then we have Tucker's response:

WATCH LIVE: Tucker Carlson Reacts To Biden’s “Darkest & Most Un-American” SOTU — Alex Jones Joins!

TruthSocial was down most of the night while President Trump was live posting the SOTU.

Was it attacked?

Truth Social Goes Down As Trump Fact Checks Biden In Real-Time

Speaking of 2024 and the Election, I have to show you this next one...

From a TRUE top-tier General:

Col. Douglas Macgregor: “I do not think we’ll get to the 2024 election”

And another warning here:

REVEALED: The EXACT Plan To Kill The U.S. Dollar

Next I have great news....

Ronna "Romney" McDaniel is OUT, and you're gonna love her replacement:

Ronna “Romney” McDaniel OUT, Lara Trump In At RNC!

She wasted no time too, already getting to work:

Lara Trump Wastes No Time As New RNC Co-Chair, Brings In $100,000 Donation On Day 1!

Next up is something I saw going viral on Twitter today, and it really caught my eye.

I explain what's going on right here:

Michael Moore Flipped and Now Supporting Donald Trump?

A couple weeks ago, I brought you a rare old clip of Donald Trump's mom.

Today I give you both parents:

WATCH: RARE Interview of Donald Trump’s Parents, Fred and Mary Trump!

And because it was Friday, we were having a little fun this afternoon.

Remember this?

Remember The Time Jerry Nadler Crapped His Pants LIVE On Stage?

I was not expecting this today from Meg Kelly, but this we got:

Megyn Kelly Breaks Down On Air, Issues Apology

MAJOR warning out from Elon Musk (and I don't think he's wrong):

Elon Musk: A “Worse Than 9/11” Event Coming

And we end with our top story....

This guy is about as connected as they get.

And this is what he just said:

Real Estate CEO and Federal Reserve Board Member: “500 or more banks in the USA will fail”

I guess now you know why I keep warning you?

Stay safe out there!

Your friend,



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Great idea, right?

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