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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 3/9/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Saturday night Newsletter.

Don’t forget, we turn the clocks forward tonight!  Don’t be late for church in the morning (or early….I can never remember which way that works).

Ok, before we get started, I’m once again asking for your help.

A big “thank you” in advance for your assistance…

We are facing EXTREME censorship right now.

Every day recently my inbox is flooded with people saying they aren’t getting this newsletter in their email.

“Why did you stop sending your Newsletter?”  (I got FIVE of those just today!)

I didn’t.

It’s just being censored.

And most people can’t even find it in Junk/Spam/Promotions folders either.

Just gone — poof!

Kind of like what they do to Republican voter ballots.

But we can fight back here.

I need your help with two things please…

Even if you’ve never had a problem with my email arriving to your inbox, I need your help especially!


Because only the people reading this will ever get this message.

A real chicken & egg problem.

Here’re the first thing I need you to do…

I need you to search your email, especially Junk/Spam/Promotions tabs, and find anything from me (search for: [email protected]).

Every single email you find, even if they’re old, mark them as Not Junk!

Each time you do that, it sends a message to the email companies saying you like my email and want to receive it.

If you do it for every single email of mine you find, and if thousands of you all do it, we should be the Al-Gore-Rhythms and they will be forced to start delivering our emails honestly.

That’s #1.

Please take a moment to do it right now.

#2 – please add my email address ([email protected]) to your address book and whitelist it.

That also helps a lot.

Last, #3 please remember this: if you ever don’t receive my email, you can always find this Newsletter at

Right there at the top of the homepage, organized by date.

In fact, I recommend you bookmark it.

Remember, I send a Newsletter every single day (I miss 1-2 days a year, max), so if you don’t get one it means they’re messing with us and we must have printed too much truth that day.

Thanks again, taking 2-3 minutes to help us with this tonight will make a HUGE difference — not just for me, but for all of the people who keep emailing me every day upset that they don’t get to read this.

Now on with the news…

Starting with this:

United Airlines Experiences 4th Emergency This Week, Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing In Los Angeles

Seriously, I have never had a fear of flying before but I'm starting to develop one!

They are NOT maintaining these planes and/or they are hiring so many DEI people they don't even know how!

This is getting scary, not sure I want to fly again any time soon!

In related news, terrible to see this:

National Guard Helicopter Crashes Near Border, Multiple Fatalities

Also terrible to see this face:

SPOTLIGHT: Obama Smugly Explains How He’ll Serve His “Third Term”

Next up, you need to hear this story in this guy's own words.


Government Told Doctors To KILL Patients Just Before First COVID Lockdown: “I watched while this happened”

It's why I wrote this:

It’s Called “Pascal’s Wager” and Here’s What It Means For Ivermectin!

And then we learned this today....

Vivek was supposed to be the one to give the GOP Response to the SOTU.

Wouldn't that have been so much better?

But since he's MAGA, McConnell killed it and had that school teacher do it instead:

REPORT: Vivek Was Set To Deliver SOTU Response But McConnell Tanked It

Now it all makes sense, doesn't it?

EVERY time there's a failure by the GOP, you always find a RINO behind it.

We are being sabotaged and we have been for a long time!

That's why I'd love to see this:

Rand Paul For Senate Leader? He Just Weighed In On Possibility Of Replacing McConnell.

Last night I brought you this stunning report:

Real Estate CEO and Federal Reserve Board Member: “500 or more banks in the USA will fail”

And tonight I bring you this:

BANK CRASH On Monday? The Federal Program Propping Up The Banks Ends On Monday!

Got Gold?

As Gold Hits All-Time Highs, This Faith Based Gold Company Shows People How To Get in Now

And we end with this one....

I don't claim to be a part of this culture or even to know what song this is, but I do know this is high energy and it totally pumps me up!


All are welcome!

All are needed!

Your friend,



Have you seen this from Dr. Zelenko?

“Zinc Is The Bullet — It Kills The Virus. The Only Problem Is The Bullet Doesn’t Get To The Place Where It Needs To Be”



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