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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 4/15/22



Hey friends!

Noah here with a special Friday Night edition of the Newsletter.

It’s Good Friday and Easter Weekend and I hope you have great plans!

We start tonight with our two biggest stories of the past two weeks and I wanted to make sure you hadn’t missed them.


WE FACT CHECK IT: Is Zelensky a Cousin of George Soros?

And second:

Georgia Guidestones Exposed: “Maintain Humanity Under 500 Million People”

Have you heard of the Georgia Guidestones before?

I am curious to hear…

Now we move on to something really beyond the pale:

SICK: Teachers Demand The Ability To Show Porno In School (Yes, Really)

I’m not even going to make the joke about “where were these teachers when I was in school”.

Sorry folks, but this is just sick stuff.

Isn’t this basically highly illegal too?

You mean to tell me if I went over to your house and showed your elementary school children porno that I wouldn’t be headed straight for prison?

So why is this ok?


Next we move to Elon Musk and another wild day.

Here’s the latest:

“Poison Pill” Launched Against Elon Musk, But He Has a “Plan B” Ready…

And speaking of Elon, check this out from today:

Elon Musk Offered Copy Of Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive

Oh my….

Here’s even more from the Elon story from my Telegram Channel today:

Gives you a lot to think about, doesn’t it?

Next is a great story posted by our newest writer Miles:

Former Marine Intelligence Officer and UN Weapons Inspector Says Russia Is Going to Prevail, Decisively

Great stuff in this one and it supports everything I’ve been telling you for the past two months!

The Ukraine/Russia story is NOT what the MSM keeps telling you it is, that much I am sure of.

And how scary is this?

Adam Schiff: Speaker Of The House?

Next up, got a big sale from Mike and MyPillow and I want to make sure you get a chance to take advantage:

And do you remember this?

I do!

FLASHBACK: Bill Gates Says “I stopped Trump from investigating vaccines”

Great news for all the VuTV subscribers who have #CancelledCable and #CancelledDish…

Your subscription just got even better and you’re saving hundreds a month!

NEW Channels Added To VuTV! #CancelCable #CancelDish

And we end with our top story…

They must be VERY afraid of her:

New Move May Keep Marjorie Taylor Greene Off The Ballot; Here’s What We Know So Far…

That’s a wrap for tonight.

Be sure to check back tomorrow — I am already working on a couple big stories!

Your friend,



After weeks of being sold out, these are finally back in stock!

Officially my favorite Trump hat ever, how about you?

Grab one here while they last:


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