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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 4/22/22



Hey friends!

Noah here with the Friday night edition of your Newsletter.

I know I said I’d be out today and Miles would be filling in for me, but we lost Miles today.

RIP Miles. ☠️

So you get me…hope that’s ok with everyone?

Yeah, I figured it would be.

Plus, it’s a good thing because I am fired up and ready to rock and roll…so you get the high octane tonight!

We start with two huge breaking news events from this afternoon in D.C.

Here’s #1:

And #2:

BREAKING: Police Say At Least 3 Shot in DC, Police & ATF Respond to ‘Active Threat’ as Search for Suspect Ongoing

So, what’s my take?

It sure feels like these things are happening more frequently, doesn’t it?

It wouldn’t all be part of a narrative to explain why we have to seize all the guns, would it?


Joe Biden’s New Plan To Round Up Your Guns, Here’s How He Plans To Do It…

Next we move to a new attack on MTG today:

Marjorie Taylor Greene Under Unconstitutional New Attack…

And I continue to “Watch the Water”…

This is about as polarizing as it gets.

Half of you believe this 100% and the other half thinks it’s misinformation.

I don’t know what to think yet, but I do have a pretty interesting update:

WATCH THE WATER UPDATE: A Serious Shortage Of Anti-Venom?

Love to get your opinion on that…

Speaking of “Snakes” I thought it might be good to hit this one:

ENJOY: Crowder’s “Crushing Snakes” Is Suddenly Going Viral!

Isn’t that awesome?

Anyone else a Crowder fan?

We end with our top stories, which are all on the same topic.

You tell me if you think these are ALL coincidences, or if….someone is purposely trying to kill the food supply chain in America.


Fires and Explosions Destroy 20+ Food Processing Plants Moments After Biden Warns of Food Shortages


Flagship U.S. Organic Food Distributor Suffers ‘Mysterious’ Fire


Airplane Crashes Into General Mills Food Plant in Georgia; No Survivors Reported from Incident

Yes, those all happened within about the last 48 hours….

Just a string of impossible bad luck?

Or trying to take down America from within?

I know what I think, how about you?

Great to be with you tonight, it’s a bummer we lost Miles but I’m always happy to be here with you myself!

Your friend,



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