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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 4/6/22



Hey friends!

Noah here and I’m short on time but long on articles!

So let’s move fast…

First up, in my email last night I goofed and put the wrong link.

So if you missed LAST night’s Newsletter, you can find it right here:

Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 4/5/22

And now for the new stuff, and what a day it was!

Starting with someone who finally told the truth live on air:

WATCH: Indian Anchor Goes OFF—Cites U.S. Bioweapon Labs In Ukraine And Biden Business Deals

Bravo sir!

And we have NOT forgotten about the J6 prisoners.

Together with other patriots in the Citizen Media, we aren’t letting it go (nor should anyone!) and today we had a huge break:

Matthew Martin Acquitted: The Landmark January 6th Case That Just Changed Everything

This is also huge:

True The Vote Claims 4.8 Million Ballots Trafficked During The 2020 Election

I have to assume it was way more than even that, don’t you think?

Sure seems like enough to steal an election to me, how about you?

And whatever you do, do NOT sleep on Durham:

WATCH: Durham Reveals ‘Smoking Gun’ Text Messages Allegedly Sent By Sussmann

He’s been slow, but methodical and he is not done.

Big things already out and way more to come!

This is truly disgusting and should be considered genocide or at the very least legalized mass-murder if you ask me:

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis Signs Into Law Bill That Legalizes Abortion Up Until Birth

Then we have a big story from one of our newest writers explaining exactly how that creep Klaus Schwab is going to accomplish his goals.

Very scary, but you need to be informed:

“You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy About It” — Here’s How They Plan To Pull It Off…

Heads up for any pet lovers out there:

MyPillow + Your Pet: Up To 50% Off — Limited Time Only

And thank you for continuing to support Mike!

Next up, we’ve been telling you this was coming and today it happened:

It’s Official: DirecTV Drops OANN — Here’s How You Can Still Watch

A reader sent me that screenshot.

She was literally cut off while watching a show.

Don’t worry, we have the solution to how you can keep watching (save save about $100 a month too!).

Read it here.

Big update on the Truckers next…

Been wondering what happened to them?

Me to:

What happened to the Canadian Truckers?

More here:

The People’s Convoy Isn’t Dead In The Water…Here’s Where They’re Trucking To Next

We end with two big ones…

First up, I have been telling you that alien “disclosure” (actually Genesis 6:4 Nephilim, but who’s counting?) is coming this year in 2022.

Here was the first roll out:

Pentagon Releases 1,500 Pages Of U.F.O. Files—Alleges Radiation Burns And ‘Unaccounted’ Pregnancies

And we end with the Fake Pope ditching the Cross because it’s “too offensive to Muslims”:

Pope Gets Rid Of Cross To Appease Muslims

Oh my….

Memo to the Pope: eternity is not looking so good for you.

I hope you like a dry heat?


Your friend,



After weeks of being sold out, these are finally back in stock!

Officially my favorite Trump hat ever, how about you?

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