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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 4/8/22



Hey friends!

Noah here and it’s time for the Friday night Newsletter!

Stacked day today so let’s jump right into it…

First up, have you heard about this?

Disney Linked to Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell’s PEDO Island; Disney Cruise Line Offered Snorkeling Trips to Island

Are you still watching Disney?

Still exposing your kids to Disney?

Public Service Announcement – Dump Disney

Time to #DumpDisney?

Looks like it.

Ready for a colossal fall?

The bigger they are, the ___________.

Now let’s talk Bidens: Hunter and Joe that is…

Things are looking bad:

US Banks Flagged More Than 150 Biden Family Business Transactions

And from bad to worse:

What’s on Hunter Biden’s Laptop? Whistleblower Tells All, Reveals 80,000 Images & Videos; Flees to Switzerland to Avoid Retaliation

And did you think Durham was done?


John Podesta Interviewed By Durham!

And what do we have here?

Nancy Pelosi Infected with COVID After Kissing Joe Biden on the Cheek

You gotta love this next one…


Rep. Taylor Marjorie Greene Calls Capitol Police On Jimmy Kimmel

And Go Dr. Malone!

Dr. Robert Malone Sues The New York Times for Defamation

Next we move down to Georgia…

I would be SO happy to see this snake be a one-term Senator.

Let’s get Herschel in there!

Red Wave Watch: Herschel Walker Leads Raphael Warnock in Georgia Senate Poll

Let me know if you’re from GA and can help!

And we end with our top story:

NY Supreme Court Judge Kills Himself After Feds Raid His Home


Ok, that’s a wrap.

Your friend,



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