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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 4/7/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Sunday night Newsletter.

We start off with this beauty tonight….

Remember when Biden had his big Fundraised and raised $25 million?

And the Legacy Media slobbered all over themselves about how it set a record?

Well, the record didn’t last long because President Trump just DOUBLED it:

Trump’s Billionaire Dinner SMASHES RECORDS With $50.5M Haul — Watch Biden’s Salty Response

Next up we have more on this sick story about "Diddy" the "Diddler"...

Folks, this hasn't even begun to break open yet.

Going to be worse than Epstein:

Former P. Diddy Insider And Music Mogul: Scandal “Could Be WORSE Than Jeffrey Epstein”

And I predict it ends the same way.

Maybe not in a jail cell, I don't know, but I do not expect this guy to remain among the living for longer than the next 24 months.

He knows way too much about way too many powerful people.

Ok, now let's talk about the Eclipse.

You might think you know everything about it already, but you would be wrong.

Let's start here....

Why did Fox News just say this?

Why Did Fox News Just Say There’s a “Very Transformative Eclipse Earthquake” Coming On Monday?

And yes folks, that's real.

Watch the clip for yourself.

A VERY strange thing to say, don't you think?

And just when I have started to think I've heard every detail about the Eclipse, in comes Trey Smith with so much more I didn't know yet:

Trey Smith — 2024 Eclipse: A Space Force Project

Trey is always awesome, and this is one of his best!

This next one is good advice for the Eclipse and just in general:

Three Steps To Prepare: Not Just For The Eclipse But…

Just remember, you can't prepare AFTER the fact, you have to do it in advance.

So what happens tomorrow?

Perhaps nothing, but I can't wait to find out!

Since it's Sunday, we have our Gospel Message to share:

Be Strong and Courageous!

Please keep Pastor Robb in your prayers, he could use them right now.

Next up, can you say UNCONSTITUTIONAL?


President Trump To Judge: Jail Me, I Dare You!

Trump is 100% right!

And I hope they do jail him, he'll win all 50 states if they do!

Next we have a real eye-opening expose on the Federal Reserve.

This is a must see if you don't know much about what the "Fed" is:

Book of Secrets: The Federal Reserve Released a Mysterious Comic Book, What’s The Hidden Message Within?

And have you seen this?

Ben Carson Credits President Trump With Saving His Life

And we end with our top story....

Can you believe this?


ANOTHER Massive Container Ship Loses Power Next To Huge Bridge!


In my best Steve Jobs impression...."one more thing!"

I'm gathering everyone together to hang out on Tuesday night.

I'll be there, can I count on you to join us?


By Popular Demand, We Are Meeting Up THIS Tuesday Night — Can You Join Me? [Details Inside]

I'll see you there!

Your friend,



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