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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 4/8/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Monday night Newsletter.

Welcome to the special Eclipse Edition of the Newseltter!

More on that in a minute….

But we start tonight with two huge admissions that everything they pushed on you during COVID was a scam:

“Oops!” Pfizer Apologizes For Illegally Pushing COVID Using Misleading Claims


New Study Finds COVID Drug Paxlovid Does “Little or Nothing”

Then we go to Fani, who is not at all out of the woods yet:

Fani Willis Pleads To Remain on Trump Case

And if you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall at Mar-a-Lago, I've got the next best thing:

Billionaire NFL Owner Explains What Really Went On At Trump’s Big Mar-A-Lago Fundraiser

Gold continues to set new all time highs on an almost daily basis.

Now you know why I have been telling you about it so much!

“Gold Is Trading Like World War 3 Is Guaranteed!”

Joe had another bad day today:

Joe Biden Stumbles (Again) Going UP The Short Stairs!

Now to the Eclipse....

Nothing big to report as of right now.

It came.

It went.

Which is pretty much what we expected.

I told you not to expect much on today specifically, but that I felt it was much more a sign of entering a new season.

I think it's very important, but I never said something earth-shattering would happen today and that seems to be the case.

But we did get this absolutely hilarious video:

WATCH: President Trump Shares HILARIOUS Eclipse Video!

Now to something serious....

This is bone-chilling and I hope it goes viral:

AI Predicts What Hell Looks Like Here’s What It Showed

Something fun next....

Ever want to see what Trump's plane is like on the inside?

I've got you covered:

TRUMP-FORCE ONE: Inside Donald Trump’s Insane Private Jet

And we end with our top story....

Do we have a new Clinton Kill List starting to form?


Artist Connected To Michelle Obama Stabbed To Death, Suspected Killer Was Reportedly Offered 200k For The Hit

Your friend,



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