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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 4/9/22



Hey friends!

Noah here and I always tell you…all the big stuff happens on the weekends!

So much to show you today, really excited to get your feedback on all of this.

First up:

This was pretty cool:

Did Trump Just Reveal His 2024 Campaign Slogan? Watch Trump’s Guest Appearance at Kid Rock Concert

What do you think of that as the new slogan?

I think we could keep MAGA at this point, but I like it better than “Keep America Great”.

This next one, I don’t even know what to say about it:

(WATCH) Thousands of Shanghai Residents Scream From Their Apartments After Being Locked Inside

Your thoughts?

And next up is something I almost don’t even feel comfortable publishing.

SUPER creepy.

Feels like kid-porno, except guess what?  It’s proudly AIMED at kids.

That’s right.

These people are very proud of this stuff.

Cartoons with characters having massive erections.

Think I’m joking?

I had to slap a “Censored” logo over this just to show you, and even that didn’t really cover it up:

Yes folks, that’s real and just ONE example.

This stuff is produced for, and aimed at, KIDS.

You ok with that?

Tucker exposed them Friday night and now we’re jumping in to do our part in case you missed that segment on his show.

Full story here:

(WATCH) Tucker Carlson Exposes, “Deeply Disturbing” Pornographic Content Pushed on Schoolchildren

Warning…that story is EXTREMELY graphic.

As I said, I don’t feel comfortable letting half of you people read it, but somehow it’s ok for 12 year olds?

Isn’t this basically like porno for kids?

What am I missing here?

Speaking of porno, everything on Hunter’s laptop from Hell will soon be coming out and so you need to be informed on how they’ll try to get out of any liability:

EXPLAINED: Here’s What Happens Next After The Elites Are Exposed In (Hunter Biden’s) Sick Videos

And if you missed Trump on OANN tonight, I’ve got you covered!

Here’s all you need:

With OANN Dropped From DirecTV Here’s Where To Watch Tonight’s Trump Rally!

Next up, let’s talk airports.

Airports have always been fairly miserable places.

Post 9/11, they have had an extremely oppressive spirit to them.

But if you thought it was bad right now, here’s a sneak peak into the future:

(WATCH) 7-Foot Robot at Dallas Love Field Airport Surveys Area for Unmasked Travelers; Will Notify Law Enforcement

What could go wrong?

Now let’s talk about the jab…

I told you recently that Dr. Zelenko has said flat out everyone who got the jab was given AIDS.

If you thought that was far out, there’s now an international lawyers saying the exact same thing:

Attorney Todd Callender: Everybody Who Got The Shots Was Given Some Level of AIDS…

And speaking of Dr. Zelenko:

Dr. Zelenko: “Absolutely Insane and Homicidal To Give Healthy Children C-19 Vaxx”

And we end with our top story…

This was going viral on Twitter today, so we had to weigh in.

Results of OUR Fact Check are right here:

FACT CHECK: Is Zelensky a Cousin of George Soros?

Catch you tomorrow.

Your friend,



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