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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/24/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

It’s one of those days where I am overloaded with stories, so you get a few extra tonight.

And we have to move quick!

Starting with an article I’ve been wanting to write for a while now (sometimes I kind of write them in my head throughout the day and eventually get them down on paper), and after I saw this video of Trump dancing I knew today was finally the day I had to get this article published:

How Can President Trump Possibly Remain So CALM? I Think You’re Going To LOVE How This Story Ends!

Love to know what you think on that one!

Do you have any other explanation?

Gotta love this next one:

AOC’s Tweet Praising the Lord For Bad Weather At Trump Rally BACKFIRES Tremendously

God was not mocked!

Next is a very serious warning that I keep telling you about.....

But now it's Jamie Dimon and David Solomon telling you -- and you probably want to listen to those guys:

Jamie Dimon AGAIN Says He Is Preparing For Recession and “Hard Landing” (PLUS: What You Can Do To Prepare)

Also, David Solomon?

Is that really his real name?

Just the two most powerful kings of all of Israel in the Bible and that's your name?


Then we have more racism from The View:

The View’s Sunny Hostin: Caitlin Clark Is Too WHITE and STRAIGHT!

NOTE: it's not "reverse racism" ..... it's just racism.

Then we have the Gov. of New York with her very own "Basket of Deplorables" moment:

She is really having a bad month!

I love this next one so much just for the image:

HILARIOUS: Watch CNN Forced To Admit The Trump Bronx Rally Is HUGE and DIVERSE!

Look at those faces!


I kind of want that framed and hung up on my wall.

Why are they so down?

Because of this:

Video Shows MASSIVE Turnout For Trump At Bronx Rally – “Line Stretches Back For Over a Mile!”

And I continue to suggest you might want to be prepared for the next Planned-Demic:

IT’S HERE: FDA Warns 25% Kill Rate in New Virus

Remember last week when Scottie Scheffler was arrested for assaulting a police officer?

Today we get to see the video and it shows nothing of the sort:

WATCH: New Video Footage Released That Shows No. 1 Golfer, Scottie Scheffler, Did Nothing Wrong!

President Trump said this today about Nikki Haley, and I think I know what he means.

I explain here:

President Trump: “Nikki Haley Will Be On Our Team” (Explained)

Update on Judge Merchan:

Judge Merchan Rejects Trump’s Request to Sanction Prosecutors

And an update on the debates:

REVEALED: Joe Biden’s Unprecedented Debate Demands Against Trump

Next up, have you heard of the "Human Printer"?

It's a funny nickname, but she's a great Trump aid:

Meet The “Human Printer” — One Of President Trump’s Most Trusted Aids

And we end with our top story:

New Polls Reveals Surprising Preferred Running Mate for President Trump

What do YOU think about that?

Not my choice.

At this point, I'm on Team Vivek.

He's America First.

He's MAGA.

And he's gone out of his way to always have Trump's back.

That fits the bill in my book!

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Your friend,



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