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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/8/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies out there or to people who have mothers! 😁

I have to start off with my favorite post of the day:

You gotta laugh!

We start tonight with a story the MSM won’t touch…the Pfizer data drop.

After being forced to release all the data by a Trump judge, the MSM hasn’t even acknowledged this is happening, let alone told you anything about it.

So we will.

Starting here:

Pfizer Data Dump Reveals More than 1200 People Died Within One Month of Taking Covid-19 Vaccine

More here:

Why Is MSM Keeping Quiet About the Latest Pfizer Data Dump?

And this is really interesting…

Why is the Pope suddenly changing his tune?

Pope Francis Suddenly Backtracks? Says NATO Forced Russia’s Hand?

Sticking with faith, this next one is a personal one I wrote today that I think is going to be very timely and very important for everyone to read.

Do NOT be caught off guard by what is coming.

It will likely “deceive many” but the truth is already plainly written in the Bible.

I break it all down here:

WARNING: A Coming Crisis of Faith: Are You Ready? [From Noah]

And sticking with some “far out” stuff, I was so happy to see my friend Patty Greer on with SGT Report this week.

I write all about it here and I have the full interview for you to watch:


Awesome job Patty!

Let’s stay on faith and the supernatural for one more article, this one from Jonathan Cahn:

Jonathan Cahn Returns: Warning Signs of America’s Destruction…

We told you about the food shortages before they happened, and now we’re telling you this is coming next:

Are Energy Blackouts The Next Manufactured Crisis? Grid Operators Predict Energy Shortages.

Speaking of food shortages, read this:

Local News Reporting “Empty Shelves” At Food Banks — Are You Prepared?

And we had to do a fact check on this today, and the answer is “Yes, but…”

Did The FBI Just Arrest 17 Jewish Rabbis In NJ For Trafficking Human Organs, Baby Parts and Money Laundering?

I love this video and you know it must be good when both YouTube and Twitter have banned it.

More timely now than ever:

BANNED ON YOUTUBE: How To Steal An Election [Video]

And we end with our top story…

Hey Stacey, might be time to hire a good lawyer:

2000 Mules—Georgia Ballot Traffickers Reportedly Used Stacey Abrams Office As Stop Point!

Arrest them all!

This was treason against a sitting President and against the United States in general.

That’s a wrap.

Your friend,



HEADS UP….got something brand new just landed recently. 👇

My favorite part is where it says “fits heads of most sizes”….so I guess unless you’ve got a freakishly large melon, you should be ok!  

And if you have a ginormous dome, I’d like to see it! 😂

Anyway, grab one here while they last:


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