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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/9/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and I hope you’re doing great.

We actually suffered another major attack today of censorship.

One of our partners who helps us share our stories was BANNED today from email.

That’s right, kicked off the internet!


Because they shared our articles every single day.

I’m working like crazy to help them get back on their feet, and I don’t post this very much at all, but this is one day we could definitely use a donation to keep us going…if you’re so inclined.

Even $2 helps, but if you can’t donate or don’t want to, please feel free to skip.

No matter WHAT comes at me, this Newsletter and our website will ALWAYS remain 100% free!  And that’s my promise to you!

But since people always ask what they can do to help and where they can donate, today is one day I’m actually giving out the link.


Ok, enough of that.

We don’t stay down for long, and we’re already back on our feet and fighting the good fight!

We start with this stunning story I never thought I would see happen in America:

Justice Samuel Alito And His Family Moved To Undisclosed Location

Folks, is this the America you want?

Supreme Court Justices forced into hiding for fear of their lives and their families’ lives?

Is this America or a third-world country?

Something must be done and fast or this country is TOAST!

Next up, now they’re building a whole mRNA plant and of course it’s going in the most locked down country in the world (to minimize protests):

Australia Inks Deal With Moderna to Build mRNA Manufacturing Plant in Melbourne

Because the truth is the vaxx is CAUSING the pandemic:

Research Shows Pandemic of the Vaccinated in Denmark

Now let’s talk about Victory Day in Russia.

This is something I had never heard of, but it happened today.

Details here:

Explaining Russia’s “Victory Day”

And I can’t believe this isn’t getting more attention, but it totally should.

Putin just literally said Ukraine is full of Nazis:

Russia’s Putin: We’re On A Mission To “De-Nazify” Ukraine!

Back on the home front, baby food shelves are completely bare and mothers are rightfully freaking out!

And breaking down…

This is so sad:

Mother of 8-Month-Old: Baby Formula Shelves Completely Empty…”No Other Options!”

A great “prophecy fulfilled” to share with you next from Robin Bullock:

Prophecy Fulfilled: The Change In Staff Has Occurred!

And his latest word:

Robin Bullock Update: Keep Going Forward!

Next up is something I am really passionate about…

I personally hate DirecTV (for so many reasons) and Cable is one of the worst experiences you can have on so many levels.

So I love what VuTV is doing and I love that it’s run by a Christian Family and I love that it’s about $100 a month cheaper than Cable or Dish!

You might want to switch:

Monthly Budget Getting Squeezed? Cancel Cable, Save Hundreds… Anti-Woke, Christian Owned, Solution!

Next it’s time for something a little lighter…

The guy who made this is a genius, enjoy:

PERFECT PARODY: We Don’t Talk About Sleepy Joe

And what do we have here?

Everyone just took a break from the so-called “war” to have a concert in the Subway?

Is anyone buying this BS?

(WATCH) U2’s Bono and The Edge Give Performance Inside Kyiv Subway Station

Wake up folks, all the world’s a stage….

Your friend,



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