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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/9/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Tuesday night report!

Got a ton to show you….

Start with this:

JUST IN: House Oversight Committee to Present Evidence of Joe Biden Criminal Scheme Linked to Romania

So now he was involved with Romania too?

Is there any country out there he didn’t use to launder money?

Not just money but YOUR tax dollars?

This guy is sick.

But speaking of sick, you have to almost laugh at this:

Sen. Fetterman Agrees He’s Like Lincoln and Churchill


And then we have this:

BREAKING: Republican Congressman Charged by Federal Prosecutors

Look, all I’ll say is this….

I’m not convinced this is the best guy in the world, but I also am not convinced that the Eastern District of New York is not wildly biased and corrupt.

So balance that out however you see fit!

And what I told you two weeks ago is now happening:

Tucker Carlson: “We’re Back!”

From Twitter we move to CNN of all places:

President Trump Has A Message For CNN…

One more:

Warner Bros CEO Says Trump Is Front Runner Welcomes Him On CNN

Love to know what you think of this one:

Antichrist Now Identified?

And the truth is all coming out now?

Dr. Birx Now Admits She Lied About Vaccines?

I know this next one will be controversial, but that’s ok…

Your thoughts?

Juan OSavin: Public Trials ARE Still Coming…

And we end with our top story…

Got gold?

Got silver?

Read this:

AI Just Told Us How High The Silver Price Might Go!

Your friend,



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