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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 6/11/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and I have so many interesting things to show you today!

While you were enjoying your Saturday, we were working hard and I’m very excited to get your feedback on what we’ve got.

Starting with this:

Polymer Drone Flies From The U.S. Military?

Whatever they are publicly telling you about is probably 20 years old…

So do they have insect drones?

Almost certainly.

Very interesting!

Love to get your thoughts.

Then we have a trooper who acted fast and did an incredible job!

Watch here:

Dashcam Video EXPOSES Officer’s Heroic Actions! [WARNING: Graphic]

No, I’m not a fan of everything police do, especially when it comes to traffic harassment, but they have a very dangerous job and 99% are wonderful public servants!

This guy deserves a medal.

Next we go to Dana Coverstone.

Many of you may remember him, and what I love about this is he’s bringing in an interpreter to share her understanding:

Dana Coverstone: The Millstone Dream EXPLAINED…

From Dana we go to Amanda Grace who is a real favorite around here:


Next is a Doctor who has always told the truth.

Want to understand COVID?

Just follow the money and follow the patents:

Dr. David Martin: Just Follow the Patents, Then You’ll Understand COVID!

I know many of you have received emails this week saying your donation to WeLoveTrump has been returned and you don’t understand why….

Well, here’s the answer:

WeLoveTrump TARGETED and CENSORED Again!

Next up, this thing was literally scripted just like a Hollywood show…

Why are we allowing this?

J6 Committee Gets Caught Using Teleprompters

Then we have this…

Just another big coincidence, I’m sure:

Third Military Aircraft Crashes in Southern California Within One Week

And we end with our top story…

Justin Bieber has contracted a rare disease.

I know many of you are not Bieber fans and that’s ok.

But he’s a human being and I actually think he’s a good guy.

I think he’s been through a lot and I believe he became a Christian and has vastly changed his life for the better.

Either way, we never wish ill on anyone, and this is very tragic.

The only question is whether it was brought on by the poison vaxx and boosters.

If so, it’s so incredibly sad.

Details here:

(WATCH) Justin Bieber Reveals Half His Face is Paralyzed, Cancels World Tour

Get well soon Justin!

You never know when one thing like this will blow the whole toxic vaxx scheme wide open…

We are praying for you Justin.

Your friend,



Something brand new for you tonight…

How awesome is this?  #UltraMAGA baby!

And I can get you 50% off for a limited time.

Who loves ya baby?

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