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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 6/12/22




Hey friends,

Noah here with your Sunday evening edition of the Newsletter and boy do we have a great one for you today!

Not all “good” stories, but very interesting for sure…

Starting with this:

Largest Pork Company in U.S. Shuts Down California Plant, Citing High Food Costs

So let’s see, we have about 20 that burned down or were otherwise destroyed and now we have them shutting down voluntarily because of the high cost to operate.

So what do you think is about to happen to the price of pork?

You’re about to get “porked” I’ll tell you that much!

The coordinated destruction of America…happening before your very eyes.

So sad.

This is also very sad:

Country Star Toby Keith Reveals He Has Stomach Cancer

I’m not a country music fan, but hate to see that!

And as if you needed another reason to #DitchDish and #CutCable…here it is:

Is Dish Network Spying On You? Switch and Save $100!

Speaking of spying, spies, and staged events, did you see this?

Another Staged FBI Event? Feds Bust ‘Patriot Front’ Members For Planned Riot in Idaho

They didn’t even change the outfits!

Do they really think anyone is buying this load of BS?

This was passed over the weekend and they were hoping you didn’t notice:

BREAKING: New Gun Deal Reached, Includes Red Flag Laws!

The death of the 2nd Amendment.

Since it’s Sunday, I always love to bring you a great Gospel message, and today is no different!

Please enjoy from our good friend Pastor Robb:

The Great Deception and Delusion –Take Heed!

And this is certainly disturbing:

Google Engineer Suspended After Claiming Google’s AI Has COME TO LIFE

We are literally watching Star Trek (and the Book of Revelation) play out right before us…

Who would have thought we’d all live through this?


I always like to give real action steps you can take to protect yourself and your family, and one of those things is to buy silver.

More details here on why and how:

GOT SILVER? Disme Coins: Still My President!

And we end with our top story:

Trump Endorsed Sarah Palin Wins Primary

Love Sarah!

We need a whole lot more people like her in Congress!

Go Sarah, we’ve got your back!

Your friend,



Something brand new for you tonight…

How awesome is this?  #UltraMAGA baby!

And I can get you 50% off for a limited time.

Who loves ya baby?

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