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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 6/18/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with a loaded-up Saturday edition of the Newsletter!

We start here:

Body Cam Footage: Cop Ambushed By Axeman – Saves His Own Life with A Gun

Reminds me so much of this from last week:

Dashcam Video EXPOSES Officer’s Heroic Actions! [WARNING: Graphic]

Then we go to Julie Green and it’s this totally awesome?

I love showing these when we have them:

Julie Green: MANY More Prophecies Fulfilled!

And from one prophet to another, you’re going to really love this from Mike Thompson…

So much in here:

Mike Thompson: “We’ve Been Creating This For SIX Years!”

And then we have Bo Polny who does NOT call himself a prophet, but he does analyze time cycles and his work is often uncanny in how accurate it is!

It just happened again from our interview last week….check this out:

Bo Polny Right Again? Here’s What He Told Us Last Week!

Isn’t it great to hear from our President again?

Watch Trump Speak At Faith and Freedom Conference

And another here:

President Trump LIVE On FlashPoint!

And by request, I’ve had a few people asking me for this link again, so I thought I’d publish it here…

It really is that good and that cheap!


Switch To VuTV+ Now, Get OANN, Save Hundreds Each Month! [Limited Time To Switch & Save]

We could all stand to save some money right now, right?

When milk is like $6 a gallon and eggs are going up every time I visit the store….

Biden is systematically destroying this country.

Anyway, point is we all need to save money anywhere we can I, for one, don’t want to send my hard earned money to cable and satellite companies who hate me!

Speaking of the coming (big) crash, Robin Bullock has some things to say:

And my personal favorite story of the day…

The almighty “fact-checkers”.

The people who have deemed my stories “Fake News” or “Missing Context”, when the reality is anything but.

Well, this probably won’t shock anyone but today THEY have been proven to be FAKE NEWS!

23 times over!

Isn’t this beautiful?

BUSTED: USA Today Caught Producing Outright Fabricated Stories


And we end with our top story:

Biden Collapses While Riding Bike Near Home in Delaware

Make no mistake, this is very prophetic and I do believe two different prophets have been saying Biden would have one more “fall” and it would signify the final end for him.

Oh baby!

Have a great rest of your evening and stay safe!

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Your friend,



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