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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 6/7/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

Before we jump into the news, I sent a big alert this morning about a lot of the technical problems (attacks) we’ve been experiencing recently.

In case you missed it, please read here:

Noah’s MORNING Newsletter – 6/7/24

Now the news....

Oh my, what a day!

As I always tell you, late on a Friday afternoon is the most dangerous time for massive stories to break....

And it happened again today.

They are hoping that most people are busy heading home from work and getting ready for the weekend so no one will notice, but we are always watching!

I saw this story drop and my JAW DROPPED to the ground!

Yes folks, this is it and celebrate for joy:

TRUMP NEW YORK MISTRIAL? New Letter From Judge Merchan Reveals Jury Pool Tainted!

If this ends up playing out the way I think it will, President Trump is on his way to having this thing completely dismissed and wiped off the record....but the beauty is he still got the benefit of all the exposure of the Deep State!

They overplayed their hand....

He raised over $400 million and counting in response....

And now the people have been red-pilled and the whole thing might be going away!  Poof!

So beautiful!

And to the people who say "they will just file the case again" you don't understand....that doesn't matter!  The ONLY thing that matters is whether they can get their guilty verdict and prison time before the election.

Nothing after the election matters.

In fact, if this gets dismissed for a mistrial, I doubt they will even bother to bring the case again.

I think it will just disappear, just like the whole Russian Collusion we heard about for 8 years, never materialized because it was fake, and now is just gone.

The story is moving so fast, shortly after that news broke we also got this:

BREAKING: Judge Merchan Edited The “Tainted Jury” Facebook Post?

And if this doesn't result in a mistrial, then here is our backup plan:

Yale Law Professor EXPOSES How Trump Legal Team Can Overturn ‘Guilty’ Verdict Before the Election!

Moving to the next "planned-demic" a big heads up on this:

SCRIPTED: New Human Vaccines Are Already Developed And Stockpiled For A Pandemic Flu That Doesn’t Even Exist Yet

So sad to see Pat Sajak hang it up for the last time on Wheel tonight....

Truly the end of an era:

Pat Sajak Issues Emotional Farewell Message In Final “Wheel of Fortune” Episode

Then we have Rep. Thomas Massie issuing a warning about something Bo Polny and I have been telling you about for 2 years.

When we first told you, many scoffed....

Said it was impossible!

Could never happen!

Well, now it's not only happening but you have a high-ranking member of Congress now telling you!

BREAKING: US Congressman Thomas Massie Says The World Is Going To Stop Using The US Dollar As The Global Reserve Currency

Just remember, we told you first over two years ago!

It's no wonder why 5+ million readers each month trust our reporting!

Big day for Thomas Massie as he also had this brilliant idea to immediately free Steve Bannon:

Rep. Thomas Massie Has A Brilliant Idea To Immediately FREE Steve Bannon

Great idea!

Now just go do it!

And then we have this:

Joe Biden’s “Show Trials” — Echoes Of Joseph Stalin

Study history or be doomed to repeat it!

Next up are three incredible stories coming out of President Trump's interview with Dr. Phil.

First this:

President Trump Makes Dr. Phil Crack Up….Couldn’t Keep a Straight Face!

Then this:

BREAKING: President Trump Does Not Believe Joe Biden Will Be On The Ballot

And finally this:

Dr. Phil Presses President Trump To Say He Will Not Seek Retribution — Trump’s Response Is Brilliant

We end tonight with two major warnings....

First is this:

House Bill H.R. 8081 Is Going To Get President Trump Killed

And finally our top story:

Famous Economist Sounds Warning: “Just Like 1987…”

That's a wrap!

Have a great rest of your evening....

Your friend,NOAH


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