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Noah’s MORNING Newsletter – 6/7/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with one of my rare Morning alerts…

I do have a breaking News Alert to share with you, but first I have to let you know what’s going on…

We are under attack like I’ve almost never seen before.

The only other time we have ever experienced so many issues all at once was back in the summer of 2020.

Gee, I wonder why?

I wonder what the summer of 2020 has to do with the summer of 2024?

Of course we can all connect those dots….we are a huge voice in this upcoming election and they DO NOT want us to get our message out so they are doing everything to censor us, put us in Spam, unsubscribe people from our email list (against their will), break our links, and on and on and on it goes….

So I want to do my best to give you a few updates right now and a few tips and tricks on how you can make sure we stay connected and always receive our emails and Newsletters.

1️⃣ First up, this might be the first email some of you have received from me in several days….

My Inbox recently has been flooded by people asking “Where did you go?  Why are you no longer sending your Newsletter?”

Of course we haven’t gone anywhere, I only miss 1-2 days out of the entire year, and as long as I’m in this chair I will send this Newsletter out every single day without fail!

But so many people have just been unsubscribed or deleted from our list against their will.

So if that’s you, here’s what I need you to do…..please add your email back in using this link:

I also recommend you bookmark and save that link in case you need it in the future.

You can add more than one email address if you like also.

I also recommend that even if you THINK you are signed up ok, just add your email in again, it won’t hurt anything.

We call that the “belt and suspenders” approach.

And of course all of this is FREE and will always remain FREE.

2️⃣ Ok, next are two important links I want you to save and bookmark.

First is the homepage:

All of my Nightly Newsletters are saved here, with the newest ones on top.

It’s a great website to bookmark so you never lose it.

The second is this one:

That’s where my actual emails are all saved.

So you can bookmark both of those and then you’ll never lose track of my emails and my Nightly Newsletter even if Big Tech tries to Unsubscribe your or hide our emails in places like your Spam or Promotions folders.

3️⃣ Next up….many people are reporting that you are receiving my emails ok but the links don’t work.

You get an error message saying the link is unsafe or that it can’t be opened in Safari or Brave browsers.

I told you they are really messing with us right now!

It’s so bad that even some browsers refuse to load our links.

As always, we’re tough and we fight back and we’re working on solutions right now but if you run into those issues you need to load our links in a browser other than Safari or Brave browser and you should notice it suddenly works just fine.

We hope to have a fix soon, but this is a very tough one.

In the meantime, just don’t use Safari or Brave.

4️⃣ Last, there are a few things you can do that will really help out everyone else.  If we all work together and get 5 million people all doing this, it sends a message to Big Tech and we beat them at their own algorithms, which is poetic justice!

So here’s what I need you to do….

Even if you receive our emails ok most of the time, I need you to go search in your Spam/Promotions/Social/Newsletter folders, any and all of those that you may have and look for our emails.

You can scroll through and look for my trademark green dot or just search for “[email protected]” or “Noah” or “Nightly Newsletter” and see what comes up.

My guess is you will find several of our emails in there.

Then what you need to do is right click on those and look for something like “Not Spam” or “Mark as Safe” something like that.

Then drag those emails into your Inbox.

If we all do that and find every email we can, it will send a massive signal to the Big Tech algorithms and it will make a huge difference for everyone else.

Thank you so much for sticking with us!

We will not be defeated!

We will continue to be a loud voice for TRUTH and for TRUMP and we will win in 2024!

And now before I go, I do have one breaking news alert you need to see….

Almost no one is talking about this and it’s terrible.

Read here:

House Bill H.R. 8081 Is Going To Get President Trump Killed

Ok, I’ll be back tonight with the full Newsletter.

Make sure you add your email address in to the link above and hopefully you will receive it with no problems!

It’s a real honor to get to bring you the news each day, please know it’s not something I take lightly.

My service to you and to America.

Thank you!

Your friend,



A quick THANK YOU to everyone who supports this Newsletter.  For nearly 10- years now, I’ve been providing this Newsletter as a FREE service to support Trump and get the real news out….  

…and that will never change!

I will always continue to send this Newsletter for free, but you’d be surprised how much it costs to run all the web hosting, email plans for 5 million monthly readers, etc.  We recently increased our server by 4x size to accommodate all new readers!

Since many have asked how they can support the effort, I finally created two simple options where you can donate.  Even $1/month is a huge help and I’m very grateful for all of you.

Tap here only if you want (PayPal)….

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