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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 7/30/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with a fully-loaded Sunday!

We start with Ronald DeSantis and this cringe moment:

CRINGE: Ron DeSantis Tries To Be Cool Drinking A Beer

Oh look, he’s just like us, drinking a beer!

Give me a break.

So fake and so staged.

It actually reminded me instantly of this classic:

FLASHBACK: Elizabeth Warren Tells Husband “Thank you for being here”…In Their Kitchen!

The Liz Warren moment was SO bad it was good.

It’s in my Top 5 favorite things I’ve ever covered here.

So horrible on so many levels.

To quote my man JR: “Give me an A or give me an F” and she most definitely gave us the F!

From a Beta Male who is fake and full of cringe, we move to the Alpha:

New Trump Ad: “Wolves and Witches”

And then we go to Elon Musk and some thoughts I had recently.

What do you think of this?

Elon Musk…and The Fatal Head Wound?

And have you seen this?

Why Does Planned Parenthood’s Headquarters Look EXACTLY Like An Aztec Child-Sacrifice Pyramid?

And thank goodness this guy was able to “debunk” PizzaGate:

Reporter Who ‘Debunked’ Pizzagate Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Charges

Trump Rally last night was so big it has all the DeSantis people (like Bill Mitchell) melting down yet again.

They split hairs over how many tens of thousands of people Trump actually had in the crowd, meanwhile I can’t remember the last time DeSantis drew more than 500.

This looks like a super majority mandate to me:

President Trump Breaks Attendance Record Beating Elton John, KISS, Cher, and MORE

And at the Rally we had this:

Trump Asked Crowd If He Should Debate, Here Was The Result

Then we have LeBron James posting this….

See?  He’s fine!

Bronny James is playing Piano and Jamie Foxx is playing pickleball and they’re all just fine, fine, fine!


LeBron James Post Video Of Son For First Time Since Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Speaking of seeing things, we spotted this today on Barack Hussein Obama:

New Photos Appear to Show Obama with Bruised Eye, Bandaged Fingers Just Days After His Personal Chef Mysteriously Died

Now that sure is some interesting timing!

Probably nothing I’m sure….

Your friend,



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