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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 7/7/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday Night Newsletter…

Wow, where did that week go?

Did yours fly by too?

Let’s start off here for all the DeSantis people:

Huge Crowd Of People Stand In Rain To Watch Trump’s Speech In Iowa

Sorry folks, but Ron can’t fill a high school gym.

Meanwhile, people will wait for hours in pouring rain to see rPOTUS.

And that’s just the truth!

Trump45 and 47!

Loving everything these people are doing:

Tim Ballard EXPOSES The Truth About Adrenochrome

Keep exposing things and getting the truth out there!

This next story will not go away, and I understand why….it’s oddly fascinating!

Bizarre: Internet Points Out Hand Gestures of Woman Who Claims Man On Plane Wasn’t Real

What is going on here?

And this is a real disgrace:

DISGRACEFUL: R&B Singer Completely DESTROYS National Anthem Lyrics

Then we have Larry Stink doing the biggest 180 of all time….

A few years ago he called Bitcoin “money laundering” and said none of his clients wanted it.

Today he says it’s “digital gold”:

WATCH BlackRock CEO: Bitcoin Is ‘Digital Gold’

We told you he would flip RIGHT BEFORE the next big bull run in crypto.

Told you that two years ago.

Looks like our reporting was right again!

And then we have this:

Ben and Jerry’s Founder ARRESTED By DHS

We end tonight with our top story:

Marjorie Taylor Greene Kicked Out of Freedom Caucus?

What do you think of MTG?

What happened to her?

Your friend,



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