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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 7/8/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Saturday night Newsletter.

I am finally back home from traveling this week and it’s so good to be back.

But I met SO MANY good people.

Great people!

Like-minded people.

After traveling a bit, I can tell you this country is FULL of MAGA Patriots almost everywhere I met.

Do not let the Media tell you differently.

For real….even down to the bus driver for my trip.

How awesome is this guy?

I’m telling you, that’s the reality of what’s out there….

Bus drivers wearing a Let’s Go Brandon hat.

And get this: our entire bus loved it so much we had a “Let’s Go Brandon” chat break out on the bus!

That’s America right now folks….

Not the BS you’re fed on the MSM propaganda news.

I was moving all across America this week and THIS is the type of stuff I saw.

Want to know how many Joe Biden hats I saw?



Because they don’t even exist!

Ok, let’s keep rolling before I get too far off track:

Vivek Ramaswamy Is Close To Passing DeSantis In Polls

I gotta say, I like Vivek a lot, how about you?

I like Trump more, and then I think it’s Kari Lake’s time, but I have no beef at all with Vivek.

He’s strong.

Memo to Trump: here is a Cabinet position for you and perhaps Kari Lake’s VP!

And then we have this:

Rothschild Begs Americans To NOT SEE Huge Hit Sound of Freedom Movie

A Rothschild you say?



Next is something near and dear to my heart: Giza Cotton Dream Sheets!

“Biggest Bed Sheet Sale Ever” At MyPillow — Giza Dreams Sheets At Low, Low Prices

I may have a problem, I have so many….

But I love them!

Love this:

Trump’s Holding A Rally In Las Vegas Church, Huge Lines Spotted Outside

And this broke today:

Banks Refusing Cash Withdrawals?

Funny….we warned you TWO MONTHS ago!

This is very interesting:

WATCH: Jen Psaki Unknowingly Calls Biden A WAR CRIMINAL

And now you know why everyone is joining my new Mission:

STUDY: Nearly Half of U.S. Tap Water Tainted With ‘Forever Chemicals’

You just gotta love this guy:

The People’s President: Trump Hands Out Blizzards At Dairy Queen

Did you see this?


And speaking of my new Mission….

I am doing a huge meet up Tuesday night.

We’re going to cover everything.

Can I count on you to join us?

You might be # 100,000….that’s how fast this is growing!


We’re About To Hit 100,000…Can You Join Me On Tuesday?

Ok, I gotta run.

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



I came across a shirt I totally loved today…

They’ve only made a limited run, but if you want one they still have some in stock.


Check availability here:


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