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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/15/22



Hey everyone,

Noah here and if you thought things were going to slow down this week you’d be very, very wrong!

We continue to heat up and I’m excited to bring you tonight’s report.

We start with this:

JUST IN: FBI Erects Barricade Around DC Headquarters

So what’s the problem, FedBois?

Scared of an uprising?

Scared of the American people?

Next up, there are tons of rumors swirling around that not only was it a kid in the car but it had ties to child s-e-x trafficking:

Trump Lawyer Implies That Pelosi’s Husband Had Child In Car During DUI Arrest


Let’s hope those rumors are not true!

Then we have the devil himself, caught on camera:

Obama Caught On Video: “You Just Have To…”

Why do I call him the devil?

Well, for one it’s obvious.

Only because they literally used his image to portray the Devil in the Bible miniseries:

Just a wild coincidence, I’m sure…

Next we have a story that saddened and angered me more than anything I’ve posted in a LONG time:

Brother of Marine Killed in Afghan Pullout Commits Suicide at Memorial Service


Blood is on his hands!

And what is this?

BREAKING: Five New Members of Congress En Route to Taiwan!

I’m no Constitutional Law scholar, but isn’t this a violation of the Logan Act?

You gotta love this next one:

Cars Lined Up For Miles For Long Island Trump Rally!

God bless each and every one of them!

Next we have two amazing vaxx stories…

First is this:

Moderna CEO Forced to Trash 30 Million Doses of The Vaccine!

And do you know why they had to trash 30 million doses?

Because no one wants that poison!

It’s toxic, oh….and it doesn’t even work!

As evidenced by my favorite story of the day:

Quadruple Vaxxed Pfizer CEO Tests Positive for COVID-19

What a horse’s ass!

He can’t even explain that with a straight face!

Except…I seriously question if he ever even took it.

He knows what’s in it, I think he was too smart to ever take it.

Just my theory.

And we end with my other favorite story of the day:

Kari Lake: Trump and DeSantis Both Have BDE!

Yes, they sure do!

They’ve got that BDE and so do you Kari!

In fact, as much as I like Ron DeSantis, Kari is my top choice right behind Donald Trump himself.

How about you?

That’s all for tonight, but come back tomorrow because we already have a lot in the works.

Your friend,



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